CATEGORY: Flower / Hybrid

TYPE: Hybrid 50% Sativa /50% Indica



EFFECTS: Euphoria, Happy, Relaxing

FLAVORS: Berry, Chemical, Citrus, Skunky

AROMAS: Citrus, Skunky


MEDICAL USES: Anxiety, Arthritis, Bipolar Disorder, Depression, Insomnia, Loss of Appetite, Muscle Spasms

DESCRIPTION: An official selection of the 2014 LA Cannabis Cup and descendant of OG Kush, this strain is a classic example of a moderately charged 50/50 blend. Big Sky OG brings an effective body high with a flightiness that is both fun and relaxing. Although its exact parentage is unknown, the mystery doesn’t detract from its appeal.

Big Sky OG is a mild strain with THC levels that fall into the moderate range between 15% and 17%. A nice little kick of CBD, measuring around 1%, makes this strain incredibly appealing. The bright flavors of this bud are only enhanced by its even brighter color. The nugs are a vibrant green and amber with amber hairs and aromas rich in citrus and skunk.

Upon your first hit, you’ll get a nice tingle behind the eyes. As the high spreads through your body, the relaxation it provides will replace any negativity that may be hanging around. A warming euphoria loiters around for hours and as you come down you’ll find your eyelids too heavy to keep open. Big Sky OG imparts the ultimate in relaxation that’s perfect after a long day at work or even a busy day of activities with friends.

Because of the sedative-like effects, Big Sky OG is utilized in the treatment of insomnia, anxiety, and does wonders for high-stress levels. It has the ability to soothe while improving your overall mood and as a result is great for the treatment of depression and bipolar disorders. It is not recommended for any ailments that require CBD, as no tests suggest it has enough presence to be effective.

As information is scarce and seeds even scarcer, growing your own Big Sky OG is a bit of a shot in the dark. Most well-balanced hybrids can thrive inside or outdoors, and with average flowering times of anywhere between 7 and 10 weeks, you’ll probably do alright if you figure it out on your own. However, growing at home takes time and money, so be sure that you want to roll the dice before taking a chance on this mysterious strain.

If you like a super chill high that will envelop you in bliss and eventually usher you into sleep, Big Sky OG is the one to get you there. Some have recommended using a vaporizer for maximum enjoyment of this nighttime bud, while others are happy to roll it into a joint. No matter how you smoke it, it’s a strain you have to try.