CATEGORY: Flower / Hybrid

Type: Balanced Hybrid – 50% Indica / 50% Sativa

THC Content: 25% – 32%

CBD Content:< 1%


Animal Mints is the evenly balanced hybrid strain (50% Indica / 50% Sativa) created via crossing the conventional Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies X Fire OG strains. Looking for an insanely excellent toke to hit both mind and body with a high degree of potency? Animal Mints is entirely it. This child packs a fantastic candy minty cookie taste into every and each toke, with the lightly nutty vanilla aftertaste. The aroma is an earthy pine with a touch of sharp mint and stinky diesel, all wrapped up with an excellent cookie effect as the buds are burned. The Animal Mints high is simply as delightful because of the flavor, with long-lasting results that can be perfect for kicking lower back after an extended and annoying day. You’ll experience a cerebral effect first, filling your thoughts with a sleepy lifted feel that leaves you definitely stoned and fading inside and outside of focus. A sizeable full-body high comes next, lulling you into a country of couch-lock before you flow away into a peaceful sedation. With these results and its exceptional powerful 25-32% average THC level, Animal Mints is said to be ideal for treating chronic pain, insomnia, depression, chronic stress, cramps, and muscle spasms. This bud has fluffy oversized popcorn-fashioned forest green buds with thin mild amber hairs, tiny matching trichomes, and a sticky candy coating of syrupy resin.