CATEGORY: Flower / Hybrid

Type: Indica Dominant Hybrid – 75% Indica / 25% Sativa

THC Content: 24%

CBD Content: < 1% – 3%


Alpine Star is the Indica-dominant (75% Indica / 25% Sativa) hybrid child of Sensi Star and Tahoe OG Kush. Alpine Star fantastic for rainy days and late nights. The high is exceptionally physical, spreading a relaxing buzz for the duration of the body and causing sleepiness. Use it to grow appetite, quiet muscle spasms, alleviate glaucoma, treat nausea and continual pain, and set off sleep. THC stages are sky-high in this strain, topping 24% in some tests. CBD makes up approximately 2% of the plant, so Alpine Star can be somewhat helpful with seizure issues and other situations that can be dealt with CBD. This strain has a dank odor and taste, with robust notes of lemon and citrus. Adverse consequences are unclear, based on public information, but as with most cannabis, cottonmouth and crimson eyes are likely. It’s best known to be sold with the aid of one dispensary in Michigan. However, past that, it doesn’t seem to appear a whole lot on both the felony or black markets.