CATEGORY: Flower / Hybrid

Type:  Indica

THC Content: 13% – 19%

CBD Content: < 1%


Alien Technology is an Indica hashish strain hailing from Afghanistan and is a natural landrace marijuana strain. The lovely plant of Alien Technology has fluffy mild green buds tinted with dark emerald patches and protected with orange and brown pistils. The highly spiced red meat jerky aroma of this strain compliments its spicy Afghan flavor. The strain has a smooth, deep, and delicious nag champa flavor combined with vanilla sweetness and leaves a turpentine aftertaste. The high sinks in immediately and the excitement lasts for up to six hours. This heavenly strain has a chilling impact on sore muscular tissues and joints and offers an excellent remedy from bodily and mental stress. The best getaway from a hectic and monotonous schedule, this strain ensures which you get a pleasant cerebral high. It separates you from the harsh realities of life for some hours and drowns you in feelings of natural indulgence and euphoria. Not simplest will it uplift your mood. However, it’ll also stir up your senses and enlighten you. This miraculous strain will transform your mental country into that of natural satisfaction and pleasure.