CATEGORY: Flower / Hybrid

Type: Sativa Dominant Hybrid – 70% Sativa / 30% Indica

THC Content: 14% – 23%

CBD Content: < 1% – 2%


Alien Stardawg is the Sativa dominant hybrid strain created through crossing the potent Alien Kush X Stardawg strains. Although loved for its heavy-hitting full-bodied results, Alien Stardawg is most prominent for its scrumptious candy cherry hash flavor, and excellent smooth berry exhale. The smell isn’t always too terrible, either. With a tart, berry rose aroma, it really is accented through the earthy hash and a massive hint of cherry. The Alien Stardawg high is actually out of this world, bringing creeping results that all at once wash over you and lull you into cerebral happiness. The high begins with a euphoric improvement that infuses you with a feel of innovative energy and motivation, leaving you feeling creative for hours on end. This country can set off a racing heartbeat, so it’d be exceptional to avoid Alien Stardawg in case you be afflicted by anxiety. With these long-lasting effects and its robust 14% – 23% average THC level, Alien Stardawg is stated to be best for treating conditions such as persistent stress, depression, appetite loss, and persistent fatigue. This bud has small round mild forest inexperienced buds with highly bright blue, red, and crimson undertones. Each bud is dusted with a coating of shiny white crystal trichomes.