CATEGORY: Flower / Hybrid

Type: Sativa Dominant Hybrid – 70% Sativa / 30% Indica

THC Content: 17% – 18%

CBD Content:  < 1%


Alien Jones is the Sativa-dominant (70% Sativa / 30% Indica) hybrid child created via crossing Casey Jones and Alien OG strains. This extraterrestrial hybrid brings you the quality of each world, fusing a lifted focused high with a chilled body buzz that’s ideal for getting things accomplished later in the day. The high begins with a lifted rush that fills your thoughts with an experience of happiness and well-being. As your weak and racing mind is gently washed away, you’ll revel in a growth in attention and motivation that lends itself well to mental tasks. A mellow body high comes next, ebbing and flowing with warming waves, pulling you into relaxing mild sedation. Due to these effects and its potent 17% – 18% average THC level, Alien Jones is often selected to treat conditions such as continual pain, fatigue, depression, and regular anxiety or stress. This bud has long, lumpy forest green buds with fuzzy amber hairs, and a coating of chunky amber colored crystal trichomes. Alien Jones buds have candy and spicy, fruity lemon flavor, and a sharp aroma of diesel and fruity bubblegum for a surprisingly intoxicating mix.