Type: Sativa Dominant Hybrid – 65% Sativa / 35% Indica

THC Content: 20%

CBD Content: < 1% – 2%

AK-48 may be near in name to the particularly prized AK-47. However, the similarities are frequently name-deep. These traces descend from one of a kind parents, exclusive breeders, and numerous DNA. AK-48 is Indica-heavy (Sativa/Indica ratio of roughly 35:65), even though some reviews claim it leans more toward its Sativa genes. AK-47 and AK-48 do proportion one thing: They’re both recognized to be very potent, with top THC degrees of approximately 20% in every case. AK-48 has CBD ranges of much less than 1%, meanwhile, so it isn’t always the quality desire for sufferers with seizure disorders. AK-48 is the offspring of Jock Horror and Ice, and its genes deliver a chilled body buzz and clear-headed cerebral effects. Use this strain to deal with anxiety, depression, loss of appetite, and chronic pain. This strain tastes and scents like a sweet, tropical blend of blueberry, mangos, and pineapples. The bud is a mixture of mild and darkish green with soft brown strands and a silvery dusting of trichomes.