Type: Balanced Hybrid – 50% Sativa / 50% Indica

THC Content: 30% – 40%

CBD Content: < 1%

If you are looking for a 100% Indica strain, examine Airside OG. This hybrid strain is a cross between Skywalker OG and True PK. This is a luxurious product. However, one many consumer feel its far well worth the cost. The green buds offer small quantities of crystals, but they’re pretty potent as the THC level can be as much as 40%. Airside OG’s aroma is delicious, like sparkling apples. The taste is each fruity and sour. One of the motives why Airside OG is so famous is it can be used to treat a full sort of medical concern. This consists of MS, AIDS/HIV, chronic pain, and cancer. It is also used to treat persistent migraines. Using this form of cannabis will provide you a relaxed, sedated feeling, so it is exceptional to apply it at night.