Type: Sativa Dominant Hybrid – 70% Sativa / 30% Indica

THC Content: 20%

CBD Content: < 1% – 2%

Combination of genes from an Afghani strain with the heredity of Trainwreck, and also you get Afwreck, a potent Sativa-dominant hybrid (70% Sativa/ 30% Indica). It’s found generally on the West Coast and in Arizona, even though it isn’t always accessible everywhere. THC stages are through the roof, with maximum concentrations of well extra than 20%. CBD, meanwhile, is greater commonplace in this strain than in maximum others however is still pretty low, approximately 1%. This may not be an extraordinarily effective remedy for epilepsy, in other words, or for other conditions that respond to CBD. The cerebral high offers an effective kick of euphoria and temper improvement, with both innovative and lazy effects, depending on the element on the user. Afwreck is an effective medication when used to treat anxiety, depression, persistent pain, and muscle spasms, and also can assist with nausea and sleeplessness. This strain has a flavor or earth, mint, and lavender, at the same time as it has a skunky aroma of cherry bark and pine. The buds are darkish green with a plethora of darkish orange strands and a thick coating of trichomes.