Type: Indica

THC Content: 6% – 8%

CBD Content: < 7%

Afghani CBD is a pure Indica strain produced as a high CBD descendant of the widely known Afghani Landrace strain. This bud boasts a low average THC stage that stages from 6-8% and a CBD level that stages from 2-7% on typical, even though it has up to 8% in a few varieties. Many describe the Afghani CBD high as having an almost immediately uplifted, happy, and energetic head high that provides enormous mental ache relief as well as blissful euphoria. This high is observed by a mellow, relaxing body buzz that starts within the neck and slowly spreads during the frame. You’ll sense relaxed and pain-free without good-sized sedative results usual of an Indica stress. Because of its potent effects and high CBD ratio of this strain, Afghani CBD is ideal for treating patients struggling from situations together with ADHD, anxiety, fatigue, inflammation, and persistent pain because of infection or injury. Afghani CBD has a superb aroma ordinary of an Afghani Landrace of earthy blue cheese and a taste of earthy blueberry grape with a hint of creamy cheese upon exhale. These buds have small, spherical bright forest inexperienced fluffy Buds with rich gold undertones, almost translucent amber hair, and a seen layer of sticky sweet resin.