Type:  Indica

THC Content: 15% – 21%

CBD Content: < 2%

Afghani Bull rider, also recognized as “Afghan Bull Rider,” is a 100% natural Indica strain bred by a famous bull rider in San Diego, CA, who had an ardor for developing marijuana. This strain is a descendant of the hugely renowned Afghani Landrace strain and boasts a moderately high THC level that levels from 15-20% on average as well as a high CBD level between 1-2%. Users describe the Afghani Bull rider high as one which has an almost immediately uplifting dizzying head high that leaves you giggly yet targeted with a floating sensation corresponding to riding a bull. This high is observed by way of a chilled couch-lock that leaves you ultimately at ease in both mind and body with a healthy frame buzz and sedation. Due to these potent effects, the Afghani Bull rider is an excellent strain for treating patients struggling from conditions such as persistent pain because of harm or illness, stress, slight instances of depression, complications or migraines, and nausea. Afghani Bull rider buds have small, grape-shaped outstanding dense light minty inexperienced Buds with sparse fiery orange hairs and plenty of darkish olive-green twisty leaves. These Buds are frosty with chunky white trichomes and sticky with sweet resin. These Buds have a great candy and sour aroma and taste with a touch of nutty, fruity honey upon the exhale.