Type: Indica

THC Content: 13% – 18%

Abusive OG is a 100% natural Indica strain that is a California-grown descendant of the infamous OG Kush strain. This dank bud boasts a slight THC level that ranges from 13-18% on average and a CBD stage between 2-5%, yet nonetheless provides an exceptionally useful high. Users describe this high as having a right away onset of a happy, euphoric, energized cerebral head rush that leaves them thoroughly stimulated, pretty motivated, and extraordinarily focused. The high is observed by way of a slowly building relaxing body high that leaves you utterly relaxed with a sizable ache remedy and a nearly overwhelming case of the appetite. This Indica body excessive comes with an unusually sturdy cerebral high that is harking back to a Sativa strain. Due to those powerful effects, Abusive OG is super stress for treating patients struggling from situations such as persistent pain due to harm or illness, urge for food loss, anxiety, and insomnia. Abusive OG buds have an earthy, highly spiced aroma with a hint of lemon and a taste of smelly lemon skunk with recommendations of inexperienced natural tea. These buds have small round dense darkish forest immature Buds with thick orange hairs and a high-quality layer of sandy milky white trichomes.