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TGA Psilocybin Mushroom Microdose Capsules – 250MG

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  • Ingredients: Per Capsule
    250MG Dried Magic Mushroom – Gold Members, Code Blue, Dino Eggs
    50MG Reishi Mushroom
    75MG Lion’s Mane
    25MG Niacin
  • Combining psilocybin with lion’s mane (a non-psychedelic mushroom) and niacin (a B vitamin) did not affect the changes in mood or mental health, the researchers found. However, older individuals who microdosed and combined psilocybin with both of these substances were more likely to have improved psychomotor performance.
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Elevate your daily wellness routine with Mindful Mushrooms, our expertly formulated microdosing blend, crafted to support mental clarity, emotional balance, and overall vitality. Each capsule contains a precise blend of Psilocybin Magic Mushrooms, Reishi Mushroom, and Lion’s Mane Mushrooms, designed to synergize and enhance your cognitive and physical health.

Key Ingredients:

  1. Psilocybin Magic Mushrooms:
    • Benefit: Enhances neuroplasticity and creativity, fostering new neural connections and ideas.
    • Mind & Mood: Aids in alleviating anxiety and depression, promoting a positive outlook and emotional resilience.
  2. Reishi Mushroom:
    • Benefit: Known as the “mushroom of immortality,” Reishi boosts the immune system and reduces stress.
    • Body & Vitality: Supports cardiovascular health and combats fatigue, enhancing energy levels and physical stamina.
  3. Lion’s Mane Mushrooms:
    • Benefit: Promotes cognitive function and the growth of nerve factors, improving memory and focus.
    • Neurological Health: Assists in repairing and regenerating neurons, potentially improving symptoms of neurological diseases.


Mindful Mushrooms are ideal for those looking to support their mental health and boost cognitive performance with a natural, holistic approach. Whether you’re tackling a creative project, managing daily stress, or simply seeking enhanced mental clarity, our microdosing blend offers a gentle, effective solution.

Safety Information:

  • Always consult with a healthcare professional before starting any new dietary supplement, especially if you are pregnant, nursing, have existing health conditions, or are taking other medications.
  • This product is intended for responsible adults and should be used in accordance with local laws and regulations.

How to Use:

Take one capsule in the morning with food and water, or as directed by your healthcare provider. Observe effects throughout the day and adjust dosage if necessary, ensuring a tailored approach to your wellness journey.

Embrace a sharper, more resilient mind and a revitalized body with Mindful Mushrooms—your partner in holistic health and cognitive empowerment.

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