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Purple Space Cookies Craft By Gas Demon – Balanced Hybrid (AAAA)

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Buy Purple Space Cookie Weed Online by Gas Demon Premium Cannabis

With 20% THC and 1% CBD levels, Purple Space Cookies can give you that out-of-this-world experience with its potency. This strain is a perfectly balanced strain making it a good option for a day time smoke. It does not only give you that candy and grape taste, it also gives off a great aroma! This strain can be used to manage conditions such as depression, insomnia, pain, stress and lack of appetite. As you take a puff of this strain, you must be prepared to deal with waves of euphoria, relaxation and even the munchies!

Name: Purple Space Cookies
Grade: AAAA
Category: Flower / Hybrid
Type: 50% Indica / 50% Sativa
THC Content:  20%+ THC
CBD Content:  1% CBD
Flavors: Grape, Sweet, Candy
Aromas: Grape, Sweet, Candy
What to expect:  Happy, Euphoric, Hungry, Sleepy
Recommended use: Afternoon
Known to help with: Insomnia, Pain, Stress, Lack of appetite, Depression

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BUY PURPLE Space Cookies Craft By Gas Demon – Balanced Hybrid (AAAA)

Purple Space Cookies Craft By Gas Demon – Balanced Hybrid (Aaaa) is the offspring of crossing Girl Scout Cookies and Durban Poison. It promises superior effects thanks to its potency that will get you what you wanted before you even know it. Its enduring effects will make you feel safe and sound as you go with your day. PSC is considered as a good stress reliever thanks to its euphoric effects that can instantly change your mood. Its aroma may leave you anxious to smoke it but as you go and try to enjoy its amazingly sweet, earthy with hints of grapes and candy flavor, you might get munchies! Its buds are perfectly dense with dark purple shades.
Purple Space Cookies is a perfect hybrid strain that promises a first-class experience. Its properties are well balanced that will surely give you that psychoactive and recuperation benefits. PSC’s effects are euphoria and relaxation. It can be used as well to treat anxiety. With THC levels of 25%-28%, its potency can give you that hit that you’ve been looking for but watch out because it may fade a little longer as expected.
This hybrid has huge levels of THC trichomes. PSC’s buds are sprinkled with THC. As you break those spherical buds, you can see how fluffy the trichomes are with shades of deep purple. Its aroma is very distinguishable from other Sativa-dominant hybrids. It gives off a sugar cookie with a combination of earthy and peppery smell. It tastes like lavender and pine that attracts terpene connoisseurs as this strain will give them the indulgence they’ve been looking for.This lovely hybrid contains a completely impressive amount of THC trichomes and excessive bag appeal. The buds are easily recognized by way of the snowfall of THC overlaying it. Even upon breaking the perfectly spherical buds, you may be thrilled to observe even more visible, fluffy, trichomes surrounding the awesome deep-purple leaves this strain is also known for. The aroma of this incredible strain is very distinguishable from other Sativa-dominant hybrids. It encapsulates the scent of a freshly baked candy sugar cookie, with earthy and barely peppery undertones. The taste of Purple Space Cookies may be very delightful, with tips of vanilla and pine. Terpene connoisseurs will be in for a pretty treat – this strain is closely concentrated in caryophyllene and pinene terpenes.

Reviews (11)

11 reviews for Purple Space Cookies Craft By Gas Demon – Balanced Hybrid (AAAA)

  1. christine.thomson

    Christine Thomson (verified owner)

    A wonderful Purpley product. Smells very grapey and sweet. Wonderful smoke and would definitely buy again.

  2. terence.wynne

    Terence Wynne (verified owner)

    Very nice taste to it. And that smell once you get it . You may experience love on first smell

  3. TheQuadJudge (verified owner)

    For this strain that I have been so bullish on before but Gasdemon just changed my mind. Cans arrived with decent size nugs with just a few little lower buds. tastes great and smokes nice and clean too. The taste translates well from the smell. Aromas of grapey /Redwine and cookied burst when u open then can. The Terps on this was great and a real pleasure to smoke. Deserves it’s 5 star mention.

  4. julien.proulx

    Julien Proulx (verified owner)

    one of my favorite from Gas demon. top quality smoke!

  5. Gareth

    Grabbed this as a concentrate from a local dispensary whose name is escaping me (my bad). The look and smell was wonderful but the high was sadly nothing to write to mom about. The eye heaviness was immediate but it still took a bit to completely wind down.

  6. Mannyfreshhh

    Lighter than pictured but classic taste. Bud benefitted from a boveda. Overall, great taste and flavour. Def a heavy hitting favourite.

  7. GoreFlex_

    GoreFlex_ (verified owner)

    I could not have said it better!
    TGA: “This strain is first rate for popular all-round use and is recommended for all-day usage! Get geared up to go into space with this killer hybrid.”

    Smell and Taste like Grape Punch Cookies! Really an amazing strain. 10/10

  8. adam.raposo

    Adam Raposo (verified owner)

    Well done gas denon you guys nailed this one. Awesome all around!!

  9. Patbol

    Patbol (verified owner)

    Wow it smell so good !!! And the look wow if you like purple you got to try this. I regret i didnt order 15G instead of a 7

  10. kiriakos.dimitriadis

    Kiriakos Dimitriadis (verified owner)

    I just got my order, this stuff smells so good I havent even tried it yet lol and im very picky with my green!!

  11. Wright1@

    Wright1@ (verified owner)

    Another wonderful Hybrid with great Sativa effects at the start, great energy, euphoria and uplift followed sometime later with some heavy Indica effects that will relax you into a peaceful sleep. Tastes great too! Definitely recommended!

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