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Name: Peanut Butter Breath
Grade: AAAA
Type: 50% Indica / 50% Sativa
Category: Flower / Hybrid
THC Content: ~24% – 28% THC
CBT Content: < 1% CBD
Flavors: Herbal, Pine, Woody
Aromas: Earthy, Herbal, Pine, Pungent, Woody
What to expect: Body High, Cerebral, Hungry, Relaxing, Uplifting
Recommended use: Afternoon
Known to help with: Chronic Pain, Depression, Loss of Appetite, Nausea, Stress

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Buy Peanut Butter Breath – Balanced Hybrid (Aaaa) Online

Peanut Butter Breath – Balanced Hybrid (Aaaa) is Do-Si-Dos and Mendobreath F2’s healthy hybrid love child. The taste and aroma of a luxurious herbal overtone are nutty and earthy, as its name suggests. The effects of Peanut Butter Breath will sink as quickly as you exhale. Users buy Peanut Butter Breath online because of the cerebral high followed by tingly waves of energy over the rest of your frame. Before spreading their humming tendrils in the course of a whole lot of your body, these tingles begin within the back of your neck and spine, leaving you hopelessly relaxed, kicking back in the world without a concern, before the munchies strike. Ensure that you have some snacks on hand, because at this stage you may not really have the opportunity to rise up from the sofa to look for some. Peanut Butter Breath is often chosen to treat conditions with loss of appetite or nausea, depression, continuous stress, or constant pain with these long-lasting effects and its excessive 18-28 percent average THC level. This bud features long grape-shaped olive green wraps with dazzling red-orange hair and a coating of dense, cold, white crystal trichomes.

Reviews (7)


  1. Nimbus90

    Nimbus90 (verified owner)

    One of the best strains around. This batch is beautiful. Smells like nutty goodness , smoothest smoke you’ll find anywhere. Gas Demon = FIRE. Worth the price tag.

  2. jrparis237

    jrparis237 (verified owner)

    Strong pungent smell and taste. The buds look fuzzy and purple. Have some of this to put you to sleep. Highly recommended.

  3. ej_fletcher

    ej_fletcher (verified owner)

    This batch is fire,very smooth smoke,the kier just pours off this bud,it is a very balanced high as indicated,I’ll be getting more soon myself.deff worth giving a try.

  4. bruce.nixon

    Bruce Nixon (verified owner)

    Excellent strain just got my 7g smoked my first J and blown away amazing taste great burn and a great balanced high. Buds are amazing looking to just like the pic. Great job TGA and Gas Demon.

  5. stephen.lacroix

    Stephen Lacroix (verified owner)

    Very nice quad with instant bag appeal. Beautiful coated purpely nugs. When you open the can you see why they call it peanut butter breath. There is the small faint smell of peanut butter but like if it came off someone’s breath. Smooth smoke and clean ash this strain was pleasant. I just hoped the terpene profile tasted that a little bit more as it was a little dull but still yet very enjoyable. Well worth the buy. – TheQuadJudge

  6. julien.proulx

    Julien Proulx (verified owner)

    very nice strains, one of my favorite. Very tasty and amazing buzz.


  7. gpeczinka

    gpeczinka (verified owner)

    Another Crazy Strain from Gas Demon and proposed by TGA.

    First when you will open the box you will feel an earthy and Peanut butter awesome smell

    The bud size and the color is absolutly amazing to look at with some big nugs and perfect blend btw dark and frosty green + some brown and orange nug poping from nowhere.

    Crystal THC are spread all on the surface and you will clearly see the magnificent terpens colored as a vintage Wine

    How this strain is potent or not ….ahaha after 3 puffs i receive a really top strike with some Indica feeling but with the 50/50 Hybrid genome you have the spirit lift up you can expect from a Strong Sativa….so in conclusion a really high level of potency for PBB.

    One of my favorite Strain on the growing market.

    Thanks TGA and Gas Demon

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