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Blue Pulaski Magic Mushrooms

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Blue Pulaski is a hybrid between Melmac and Blue Meanie, which inherits the best traits from each of its genealogical parents.

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Blue Pulaski mushrooms are not just any strain; they are a legendary hybrid of Blue Meanies and Melmacs, each with a storied lineage. The Blue Meanie’s hallmark blue bruising signals its rich psilocybin content, while Melmac, a variant of the infamous Penis Envy, brings its own mysterious allure.

Blue Pulaski magic mushrooms, a potent concoction for those who dare to transcend the ordinary. Crafted for the brave, the seekers of depth, and the aficionados of the psychedelic journey, Blue Pulaski unfolds a tapestry of:
Intense Visual Spectacles: Witness the world transform with vibrant, kaleidoscopic visions.
Emotional Odyssey: Navigate the rich landscapes of your emotions, uncovering new depths.
Journey of Self-Discovery: Embark on a quest within, exploring the realms of self-awareness and introspection.

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