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ALC Squats Magic Mushrooms

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ALC Squats magic mushroom strain is a Sativa in the world of shrooms.

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The Alcabenzi (ALC) or Alacabenzi strain belongs to the Psilocybe cubensis species. However, we called it puzzling for a reason: there are dozens of its appearance theories and even more questions about its rare mutation, ALC Squats. If we try to describe them shortly, we got something like this:

Excellent mushroom for beginners that creates an energetic trip;
The potency is a golden mean between something like Golden Teacher and Penis Envy;
It has an extraordinary appearance as if it were taken from the bottom of the sea.
We are not saying that this comparison is appropriate with all strains, yet ALC Squats magic mushroom strain is a Sativa in the world of shrooms online. The Alacabenzi trip makes you feel like you ate a pack of strong cannabis edibles – no intense hallucinations, just a warm and relaxing trip with soft euphoria and light body high.

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