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9lb Hammer by Queen Of Quads – Indica Dominant Hybrid (AAAA+)

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A heavy-hitting Indica, this strain was created by crossing Jack the Ripper, Goo Berry, and Hells OG. The 9lb Hammer provides an immediate feeling of bliss and euphoria as well as uplifts you. This strain provides the perfect relaxation feeling while experiencing couch-lock. The perfect strain for when you had a hard and tiring day at work. If you are looking for something to help you sleep at night, this cannabis is for you. With an average THC content level at 18% to 23 %, 9lb hammer will hit you like a hammer giving you an extreme feeling of drowsiness. You’re going to feel comfortable while getting a case of the munchies. This strain does not just offer you an incredible feeling, it also provides you amazing flavors like sweet, citrusy, and berry.

Name: 9lb Hammer
Grade: AAAA+
Category: Flower / Indica Dominant Hybrid
Type: 80% Indica / 20% Sativa
THC Content: ~20% THC
CBD Content: < .1% CBD
Flavors: Berry, Citrus, Sweet
Aromas: Earthy, Sweet
What to expect: Euphoria, Hungry, Happy, Sleepy
Recommended use: Evening to Night
Known to help with: Arthritis, Chronic Pain, Depression, Eye Pressure, Headaches, Insomnia, Migrains, Stress

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The 9lb Hammer is beneficial as it is a strain that is a great remedy for conditions such as depression, headaches, chronic pain, stress, migraines, and insomnia. Not only does it help in treating the aforementioned conditions, but it also helps you put on an appetite. As the high fades, you will be placed in a deep relaxation feeling and will put you to sleep. Once you open its packaging, you will come across the strains’ large buds coated in crystals with a few orange hairs. It has a pine scent with hints of earthiness. If you are looking for a great Indica, here is one.

Reviews (30)

30 reviews for

9lb Hammer by Queen Of Quads – Indica Dominant Hybrid (AAAA+)

  1. BambaMo

    First time trying and right off from the start you can just taste the darkness of the bud. Great purple bud.

  2. CthulhuWho

    Had trouble falling asleep, usually wouldn’t get tired enough to fall asleep until 6-7am. Smoked a bit of this stuff and I’m out within the hour. Don’t smoke this during the day tho, unless you like afternoon burnout naps.


    This stuff is awesome ! So full of flavour and pretty darn potent ! One of my all time favorites now !!!

  4. Bin

    Great for daytime use in moderation, 3-4 hits instantly energizer, quick pick me up for daily chores
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  5. BongBen

    9 Pound Hammer was my first strain. It is the reason I was able to walk up stairs without stopping at each step from pain, in almost 20 years. Considering I’m in my very early thirties, that’s saying something. If this is a “gateway” to anything, it’s to a normal life, without pain

  6. GabBE

    9 Hammer and I just met tonight, but we’re in love. At least, I’m in love with Hammer. I have anxiety issues and have a tremendous amount of nervous energy, but 9 Hammer soothes my nerves. I don’t experience a great euphoria with this strain…more of a pleasant uplifting. I can see this being a very functional strain for me. It takes my stress level down to 0, creates a kind of warm and pleasant vibe, and leaves me capable of articulating my thoughts. Decent flavor, too. Very smooth.

  7. Debian420

    I call this one the hammer it knocks even arthritis pain right out and it also makes me sleep like a baby. Which means after 2 pulls of the concentrate I’m good.

  8. Acacia

    Pretty good indica, great taste for storming bowls.

  9. Gripp

    Pretty great, it worked really well to help me sleep and to help alleviate the pain of my migraine the other day. I was not expecting such a sweet smell when I opened the package, but it’s real nice.

  10. Kevin

    I like this strain. A solid, clean Indica buzz that’s enjoyable in all its phases. Decent taste and nice looking strain too. I found it suitable for weekends and evenings. Recommended, even for “beginners” 😀

  11. peter

    Love the smell and taste. Sweet taste.

  12. pencassala

    One word… AMAZING. Will definitely buy again.

  13. mountainbluebird23

    Will cure your insomnia and ease the body aches. Tastes lovely, an earthy herbal and pine with a floral finish. This is the second cold-pressed concentrate I’ve tried.

  14. Raya

    Recently tried 9lb hammer, as it was recommended to me for help with sleep issues. So far, it has worked very well for me. I have not experienced any adverse effects.Slept like a baby last night!

  15. Morbid

    One of my most favorite strains! Rarely see it in flower in the shops anymore, would love to see a resurgence of this tasty and potent bud.

  16. Connor

    Definitely one of my top ten! Has a smooth earthy yet bright taste and is perfect for unwinding after a long day at work. A little but goes a long way which also makes it more cost effective.

  17. bilano

    Beautiful strain and it hit me so hard like a 9 pound hammer. Bomb!!!

  18. Kakashi

    9# Hammer and I just met tonight, but we’re in love. At least, I’m in love with 9# Hammer. I have anxiety issues and have a tremendous amount of nervous energy, but 9# Hammer soothes my nerves. I don’t experience a great euphoria with this strain…more of a pleasant uplifting.

  19. Hamton

    9lb Hammer without you I would be in the slammer. Nice calm relaxing high. Good for unwinding after work. Has a Very strong bud taste with pungent skunky aftertaste upon exhale. Great for relieving that achy back, my pain is manageable now. Gets that belly going also wanting something to eat. One of the better strains Trulieve carries down here in FL. 19% THC

  20. nicolas.curl

    Nicolas Curl (verified owner)

    Really love this weed its so bomb

  21. Robyn87


    Awesome draw! The smell , the taste , the high!

  22. nicolas.curl

    Nicolas Curl (verified owner)

    Really feels like i was hit over the head with a 9lb hammer!

  23. adam.raposo

    Adam Raposo

    Wasnt as good as i was expecting but did the trick

  24. steve.frank

    Steve Frank (verified owner)

    I loved this bud! Very relaxing good evening smoke.

  25. louis-martin.carriere

    Louis-Martin Carriere (verified owner)

    Big beautiful buds no branches
    humidity is nice, near perfect
    the buzz is smooth and fun, the taste is great too

  26. Slingshot

    Slingshot (verified owner)

    Just an excellent tasting strain, IMO. Fruity and sweet. The high is nice and relaxing too. I’m typing this with a smile on my face, so…

  27. alexpirate

    alexpirate (verified owner)

    first purchase of this product. taste very appreciated, I use a Volcano and I am very impressed with the joyful effect it provides

  28. louis-martin.carriere

    Louis-Martin Carriere (verified owner)

    one of my favorites

  29. cheryl.berlino

    Cheryl Berlino (verified owner)

    Incredible!! All the way around it’s absolutely amazing…but I must say as I’ve bought this strain from other MOM’s the Queen of quads has blown the doors off what I thought was already a great strain. Severe chronic pain due to spinal fusion & knee replacement surgery in the same year, seriously feels like it’s gone! I’m going to try other Queen strains after this, worth every penny I paid!! Thanks again Green Ace

  30. callmerp

    callmerp (verified owner)

    good weed with a strong smell im happy, and the price is more normal than the other from queen quads but they are overall very good im always happy

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