There are many kinds of music to listen to when high. Listening to your favourite music while enjoying your marijuana can give you the best cannabis experience you could ever have.There are no other things that are a perfect combination than some good tunes and a lovely high.

Whether you are relaxing in your home, jamming with your friends, or doing outdoor activities, pot sessions accompanied by the right kind of music can be enjoyable. Music can set your mood, before or after puffing those sweet joints. Also, you can set the kind of music to match your mood. In this way, music can significantly enhance your cannabis experience.

You might want to listen to your favourite music when you want to soar into the skies; however, it is also lovely to hear some unfamiliar music as it gives you other kinds of vibes and experiences and maybe, you may come to like it.

Yes, Snoop D O double G and Bob Marley’s music are somewhat synonymous to ganja. It is a given as they have introduced marijuana through their music. Nevertheless, there are hundreds of artists that highlight cannabis in their music, and others emphasize those melodies that go pretty well with your high.

So, below are some great music hits to listen to when high.

MIKE LOVE – Permanent Holiday

Nothing compares to those great reggae tunes of Mike Love. Permanent Holiday shows the impressive pedal skills of Mike Love.

Ganja is much associated with the reggae genre as it originated in Jamaica, where the use of marijuana is legal.

Surfaces – Sunday Best 

Motivating yourself through music while being high is the best way to empower yourself. Were you having a bad day? Just smoke out of it and listen to this.

“Sunday Best” from the album ‘Where The Light Is’ was released on January 8, 2019 as the third single on the album. 

Gorillaz – Feel Good, Inc.

Released on May 9, 2005, Feel Good Inc is one of the best music to listen to when high. With this song’s unique genre, you’ll be surely immersed in this song.

The Flaming Lips – Do You Realize?? 

It is the exact definition of finding your inner child and sparking your curiosity again. With this song’s floaty acoustic guitar effects, you will reflect well while you are high.

This song was released in2002 of “Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots” album.

The positive outlook vibe in life that this song gives is one thing to look forward to.

Pink Floyd – Comfortably Numb

It is the most fantastic music to listen to when high because of its psychedelic tunes. This song was released on “The Wall” album in 1979.

Most stoners know this song, as they have an all-round experience with this kind of songs. This is probably the most epic song you will be listening to while blazing.

But, of course, how can you enjoy these amazing songs without weed, right?

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There is nothing more enjoyable than being high while listening to music, especially if those songs fit your blazed mood.

As there is so much music that has been created in the course of cannabis history, aside from the recommended music above, it is still up to you on what type of music to listen to when high.

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