Ever tried these popular strains namely Blue Voodoo Craft By Gas Demon, Grape Ape By Gas Demon, Critical Mass Craft By Gas Demon, Gorilla Cookies Craft By Gas Demon?

There are plenty of cannabis strains out there. Choosing the right one will be difficult for a new user. 

This review brings you the summary of popular Gas Demon brand strains. 

We have listed out the characteristics like aroma, appearance, effects and benefits of each strain in nutshell.

Let’s take a look at them one by one. 

Blue Voodoo Craft By Gas Demon

What is Blue Voodoo? 

Blue voodoo
Blue voodoo

Blue Voodoo is a pure 100% Sativa strain created 21 years ago and it was bred in Thai. It is believed that it produces a long-lasting and joyful effect on people. 

Voodoo is capable of growing in both indoor and outdoor environments. You need to know that if you have decided to grow it indoors make sure that the room was well air-conditioned. 

Important information about voodoo is, it is sensitive to mold and mildew in a humid climate. 


You will notice the fruity aroma and delightful fresh scent as you come closer to this strain. 


If you haven’t seen blue Voodoo yet, it was a dark olive-green color carried by the dense and thick nugs.


Voodoo has a spicy and nutty flavor but on the other hand, it has a vanilla aftertaste upon inhaling. 

Is Voodoo beneficial?

What’s good about Voodoo is it gives you soothing effects and enables you to relax without feeling drowsy. These strains are usually related to increasing energy. In addition to that, it can be beneficial to people suffering from anxiety, stress, pain, and fatigue. Euphoric effects of this strain allows you to relieve chronic stress like no other medicine. 

The effects of Voodoo 

It can improve people’s feelings such as being happy, uplifted, euphoric, energetic and focused. 

Grape Ape By Gas Demon

What Grape Ape smells and looks like? 

Grape Ape was marked as having multi-layered scents and standout colors that give off a candy-like grape smell.

It has large buds, dense bud structure with firm-curled leaves in it. It has deep-green leaves, with certain characters showing shades of purple and red, with copper-colored pistil. 

Benefits of Grape Ape 

grape ape
grape ape

Not all purple strain tastes like grapes; it is produced by the compound called Terpenes. 

The use of Grape Ape Grape ape helps people with stress, insomnia, pain, and muscle spasms. 

According to people using this strain, it eliminates pain and reduces tension throughout their body. 

What is the best time to use Grape Ape?

Since grape ape makes the patients sleepy after a couple of hours of using, the best time to use this strain is during the night time. 

What are the effects of Grape Ape? 

This kind of strain is a relaxing one but on the other side, it boosts the mood and at times it provides a slight burst of energy. 

Effect People using gorilla ape might be experiencing muscle relaxation, light pain relief, mood elevation, anti-anxiety properties, and appetite stimulation, there are all the common effects that users’ felt. 

Critical Mass Craft by Gas Demon

critical mass
critical mass

It came from a breeder named Mr. Nice Seed Bank which is a combination of Afghani and Skunk #1.

Critical mass craft has been described as having a magnificent strain with a large bud that snaps. The branches tend to snap because of the production of its large “critical mass”. 

What Does Critical Mass Craft smell like? 

This strain has a scent of slightly earthy, musky and a bit citrusy smell. 


Well, it is somewhat pungent but doesn’t taste anything specific. 

If we’re talking about Critical Mass Craft, its flowering time is around 6-8 weeks, given a ratio of heavy leaf to its flower. However, this strain is likely to have molds which can be reduced by growing indoors. 

What are the effects of Critical Mass Craft 

There’s a fairly strong to start, feeling of hitting behind the eyes and a feeling of being pulled upwards. On the contrary, there’s a relaxing feeling made by the uptick in head pressure and buzzing feeling around the face and scalp. 

Sleeping 1.5 hours earlier than normal and waking up feeling wonderful is one of the reviews regarding the effects of this strain. Thus, it was believed there are some sleep aid properties in Critical mass craft. 

Gorilla Cookies Gorilla 

gorilla cookies
gorilla cookies

Cookie is a hybrid strain with the combination of Gorilla Glue #4 and Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies by Elev8 Seeds. As a result, this type of strain contains 21% THC content and offers the user the better of two phenotypes.


This kind of strain is more likely a traditional Sativa and it will be tall and thin as it grows. 

Uses of Gorilla Cookies 

Gorilla Cookies is a strain known for coping up with stress, anxiety, pain, and insomnia, within minutes of smoking the effects will spread through the user’s body. 

What are the Effects? 

Gorilla Cookies can give you a relaxed state of mind with quiet calming effects when using. 

Using gorilla cookies has a side effect? 

There are several side effects in using gorilla cookies which include the redness of eyes and dry mouth. 

What Gorilla Cookies smell like? 

The aroma of Gorilla cookies gives off a unique scent from the others, it has the combination of thin mint and gorilla blue. 


Gorilla Cookies gives a state of lemon flavors, pine, and earth pointing to this powerful strain’s inherited genetics. 


However, you need to monitor your use of Gorilla Cookies which might cause an intensifying effect if overdosed. 

According to people who are using gorilla cookies, they remained alert and focused during the influence of the strain.


Gas Demon’s strains are familiar among medical and recreational uses. Similar to other marijuana strains, one should be responsible and consume it in the recommended doses.

We hope this review of Blue Voodoo Craft By Gas Demon, Grape Ape By Gas Demon, Critical Mass Craft By Gas Demon, Gorilla Cookies Craft By Gas Demon could help you to choose the strain for your mood and need! Try these cannabis strains and never forget to share your experience with us.