Do you hate smoking or vaping? Edibles may be the healthy alternative for you! This article will tell you more about the benefits of edibles and will guide you on how to make edibles on your own.

Marijuana Edibles

What is really meant by edible?

Edible means products that can be ingested or eaten safely.

Can Cannabis Be Eaten?

Cannabis is used as medical treatment for some conditions, and there are some people who are using it for recreational purposes.

Now, the question is, can cannabis be eaten? Well, the answer is definitely yes! Cannabis that can be eaten is called edible marijuana and can be in many forms.

While some are smoking or vaping marijuana, others choose to take them as edibles which may be in the form of cookies, brownies, chocolates, gummies, tea and candies.

Edibles have been consumed for many years. Nowadays, a lot of stores online offer edibles, so there are different products that you can choose from.  

Edible Marijuana

There are actually some people who prefer edibles over smoking cannabis. Are you worried about that cannabis smell or about second hand-smoking? With edible marijuana, you’re worry-free. Patients are still able to use cannabis to treat their conditions without worrying about the smell right after you take in edibles.

Edibles can blend well with other foods without changing its taste and consistency. It would seem like you’re just eating your favorite food or dessert while also enjoying relief from your conditions.

Some patients prefer edibles because of their long lasting effects as compared to inhaled cannabis. The duration of edibles’ effects lasts for six to eight hours, while inhaled cannabis effects last for only two to three hours.

There are patients who are looking for higher doses at once; that’s why they prefer taking edibles, especially those patients suffering from chronic pain.

Edibles Can Be In Two Forms

Here are the two forms of edible medical marijuana:

Solid edibles have the capacity to treat chronic pain when given in proper dosages. This form includes cookies, chocolate, and gummies.

Liquid edibles can enable patients to consume marijuana through tea or any liquid forms.

What Are The Health Advantages Of Edibles?

Let’s take a look at the benefits of edibles first; tips on how to make edibles follows.


Edibles have antioxidants that can fight against free radicals in the body. Thus, they can protect the body from cancers, blood vessel diseases, stress and other conditions brought about by oxidative damage.

Pain Management

CBD edibles have anti-inflammatory properties that are commonly present in cannabis plants. Edibles can offer relief from inflammatory conditions such as autoimmune diseases.


The THC compound is usually found in marijuana and is present at a higher dose in edibles. This compound can cause euphoria and relaxation. On the other hand, CBD relieves anxiety.

Anti-seizure effects

Edibles can help lessen the occurrence of seizures.

Muscle spasm control

Taking cannabis orally can help relieve muscle pain and spasticity.

As a healthy alternative

Smoking is bad and can cause damage to the respiratory system. Edibles are considered as the healthy alternative to smoking.

The other advantages of edibles are the following:

Value is related to the strong  effects it brings to the user.

Convenience means that edibles can be carried easily and used, especially when the patient needs to medicate in public places.

Symptom relief can be obtained, as edibles can give long-lasting effects.

Discretion, as edibles are easy to use and does not produce the characteristic smell and attract attention.

The Right Way of Consuming Edibles

Microdosing is an important rule for edibles. You should start at the smallest dose that gives you relief before jumping to a higher dose. By taking a smaller dose, you can avoid adverse reactions from edibles.

When choosing the right edible for you, think about what’s suitable for your needs. If it’s for a psychoactive experience, choose edibles with THC. However, if you are looking for relief from your condition, look for edibles with CBD.

How To Make Edibles

Admit it or not, a lot of us are fond of cooking at home. By cooking, you can control everything on the recipe. It feels like you’re the master chef of your kitchen.

You can make your own edibles at home. By making your own edibles, you can control your dosage, control its sugar and sodium content, and eliminate food allergies.

The following are the tasty edible recipes you can choose from. It all depends on your taste buds and preference.



First, add a little water on the pan and melt the butter.

Add the decarboxylated weed and ground, and simmer it for 2-3 hours.

Strain the butter into a jar.

Lastly, refrigerate your cannabutter in a jar.

There you go! You have made your own Cannabutter.

Weed Bacon


               Get decarboxylated, ground flower, then sprinkle it on the one side of a bacon slice.

               Bake it at 275°F for about 10 minutes, and flip it on the other side.              

Lastly, sprinkle the other side and bake it for another 10 minutes.

You can now enjoy your homemade weed bacon.

Bud Brownies


               Mix eggs, cannaoil, water and brownie mix.

               Bake at 330°F for about an hour.

Finally you have your own bud brownies.

The Proper Storage of Edibles

Storing your edibles properly can keep them fresh and safe. What are the risks and complications if you don’t store it properly? Well, it can develop moulds and are easily attractive to bugs. We bet you don’t want that to happen. To prevent that from happening, we have prepared some tips for you to keep your edibles fresh and safe.

  • Avoid transparent containers
  • Store in the refrigerator and do not place in direct sunlight

You should also take note of the following storage methods:

  • Store in airtight container
  • Store in slicone containers
  • Store in glass Jars
  • Freezing

All these methods can help maximize or extend the freshness of your edibles.


Edibles have many benefits, especially to those people who take marijuana as treatment. We are sure that you now have an idea on how to make edibles on your own. However, to use edibles, you may still need to have your physician prescription. If you use a higher dose of cannabis from edibles, you might get adverse effects, or your condition might get worse. This is why you need to consult first with your doctor and get your proper dosage before enjoying edibles.