Every one of us knows someone who knows just about everything related to smoking weed. That includes the trendiest hacks to get you higher when you smoke. You might find that the same person endorses using a hotbox as a means to get you higher. Does it actually work, though?

Here, we are going to examine the Jamaican hotbox and try to determine if it actually can get you a better high. We are also going to look at other places you can use as a hotbox if you are trying to get some new ideas.

Jamaican Hotbox: What Is It Exactly?

You are missing out if you haven’t had the experience of sitting in a smoky and sweaty hotbox session. It isn’t really a new concept, though. Smokers have been claiming that smoking weed in an enclosed, small space is guaranteed to get you higher.

A Jamaican hotbox is actually a subset of this trend and can also be called a Hawaiian hotbox. It is when you turn the shower on while smoking. Most connoisseurs will tell you this is simply the best and most effective way to smoke and get high.

Creating a Jamaican Hotbox

To create a true Jamaican hotbox, you want to turn the bathroom shower all the way to its hottest setting. You basically want to capture as much steam as possible and then shut the bathroom door. This creates the hotbox.

To improve the technique further, you can put a towel underneath the door to prevent any steam or smoke from escaping. When the room is hot and steamy enough, you can toke up and start inhaling. The smell of marijuana should actually dissipate with the help of the steam in the bathroom.

When you are done, the cleanup is actually simpler than in other hotbox locations. You can just turn the bathroom vent on or open a window, and the smell is virtually gone in a matter of seconds.

Many people who smoke regularly have already had the experience of smoking in a tiny space. What we want to talk about is if it actually gives you a better or more intense high. First, let’s look at the details of exactly how to create a hotbox.

How to Create a Hotbox Correctly

You can hotbox in nearly any space. This includes a bathroom, as is the case with a Jamaican hotbox, but it also includes other areas like a garage, shed, or car.

Really, you can turn just about any small space into a hotbox if its features are appropriate. Keep in mind that most hotboxes aren’t executed by a single person.

Step 1: Get Prepared

Before you even get started, you want to make sure you are adequately prepared. You do not want to have to leave the room and gather things. This can interrupt the hotbox, which can eliminate its effects altogether.

Hotboxing is usually a relaxed and longer smoking session. Because of that, it can be a bit more difficult to find the right place. You want to have all of your details ironed out in advance, including not only the location but also the people to be included as well as the time and supplies.

Once you’ve got the details ironed out, you’re more likely to be able to enjoy yourself to the fullest. You also do not want to ruin the hotbox by having to get something at the last minute or even during the session.

Step 2: Involve Enough People

To make it as enjoyable as possible, you really want to get at least a few people involved, if not more. This is especially true given that a real hotbox session mandates that there be a lot of smoke. This gives everyone the best opportunity to get as high as possible.

You also want to consider the number of people you’re including, how much they normally smoke, and the location of where you’ll be smoking. You want to create the best smoke versus air ratio.

You want there to be enough space in your location to keep everyone comfortable, as well. You don’t want people to leave before you’re ready simply because they couldn’t get comfortable, given how many people were included.

Finally, because these sessions are longer, you want to include people that you want to talk with. Be careful with the people you invite. You don’t want to engage in contentious conversations with your guests. That can just ruin your high altogether.

Make your guests the people whose company you enjoy the most. The time will go by quickly, and you’ll have a great time.

Step 3: Consider the Space

You really want to give significant consideration to where you’ll be hosting the hotbox. This is a bit less concerning with a Jamaican hotbox since the smell dissipates more quickly than with other hotboxes.

However, you still want to think about where you plan on smoking so that you can take into account the smell you might leave behind. You can always use some kind of neutralizer if needed.  Then again, this shouldn’t be much of an issue with a Jamaican hotbox.

In terms of location, you do not want to create a hotbox in a space that is very close to mats or couches. These will absorb the smell, and it will be harder to get rid of it. Depending on where you are and if its a shared space with others, that might become an issue.

For these reasons, a Jamaican hotbox is often considered the best option given that you can get rid of the smell quickly. The steam helps to get rid of the smoke almost right away, which means that any cloth substances, such as a shower curtain or bath mat, are less likely to capture the smell.

Step 4: Get Your Supplies Ready

Some people tend to use hotboxing as a way to make small amounts of weed last longer. At the very least, they think this tactic will work. However, hotboxing often does the exact opposite.

You usually need a lot of weed to make sure that the space you’re using gets completely filled. If you don’t do that, you aren’t really hotboxing properly. The amount you need will depend on the size of the space you’re using and the number of people you’ve included.

Blunts and joints are often the best way to fill up the room as fast as possible, regardless of the location’s size. Another benefit of using joints and blunts is that you can pass around a few of each so that everyone gets to smoke at basically the same time. This also ensures that the room fills up with smoke as fast as possible, with plenty of people smoking simultaneously.

Another fun thing to do with your supply is to include a variety of strains. If you don’t have them at your disposal, you can have your friends each bring a different strain. Then, you can compare and talk about them while smoking and filling up the room.

Finally, if you want your hotbox to be effective, you want to ensure the room is sealed as completely as possible. This means that you want everyone to settle in and stay in the room for the whole smoking session. You can add snacks, pillows, and water to your supply list. This will keep everyone in the room and comfortable.

You do not want people to enter and exit the room as this will release a lot of the smoke, and you’ll be starting all over again. The more comfortable you make your guests, the more likely they are to stay settled in the room. This leads to a more effective hotbox session all around.

jamaican hotbox
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The Effects of Smoking Hotbox

So, then what are the effects of smoking in a hotbox? In general, most cannabinoids and THC take just milliseconds to make it in your system. It takes very little time for it to travel from your lungs once you inhale. This means that any smoke you’ve inhaled isn’t likely to have residual THC still left in it.

Only the smoke coming off of the blunt, joint, or pipe is going to be active. This is the same reason why those who don’t smoke can still get high when in a hotbox with you.

So, how does that impact the level of high you get in a hotbox? What it basically means is that you aren’t likely going to get some kind of more intense high just because you smoke in a Jamaican hotbox.

With that said, if you’ve never really smoked before, or aren’t a regular smoker and you get pulled into a hotbox, you may very well start to feel a bit high. The level of that high will depend on how experienced you are when it comes to smoking.

Other Locations to Hotbox

You really can create a hotbox just about anywhere that has limited airflow. Consider places like a closet so long as it has restricted airflow. You can also use a tent or shed.

Finally, your car is a really great place for a hotbox, and it will fit a good number of your friends pretty comfortably. If you use your car, make sure that you have it parked. You also want to make sure that you don’t attempt to drive it right after smoking.

Some Things to Keep in Mind

There are a few general things to keep in mind when planning for your hotbox session. Hotboxing is a different way to smoke, and plenty of smokers take part in a hotboxing session without experiencing any negative effects.

1. Privacy

Remember that the location you choose is really key. You want a private place. You also want that location to be free for quite a long time since the session will be longer than usual. Make sure that noise and smoke won’t be an issue.

Be mindful that any fabric can pick up the scent and be sure to clean up after yourself when done. Privacy is important because you don’t want to be interrupted, and you don’t want to have to explain yourself while in the middle of your hotbox session.

2. Pay attention to consumption

Secondly, don’t overdo it. Make sure that you check in on your friends in the session, as well. Hotboxing isn’t the best choice for anyone’s first smoking session. It might not get you higher, but it can still be overwhelming. After all, it is a lot of people potentially smoking several different strains at the same time.

The area is also likely to be quite foggy and full of smoke, which can be disorienting for anyone not accustomed to smoking this way. Being prepared and comfortable, along with making sure you have everything you need, will make your hotbox as enjoyable as possible.

3. Leave the Non-Smokers Behind

If you have any friends that don’t enjoy smoking, you really don’t want to bring them into the hotbox. This is especially true if you have a friend that is due to have a drug test.

The smoke from the cannabis in a hotbox can actually induce typical effects in a non-smoker. You essentially will get your friend high, without them actually toking themselves. However, this can be pretty rare. With that said, it is better to be safe than sorry.

You also don’t want to overwhelm anyone who hasn’t smoked before by throwing them right into a hotbox to start. They may not know what they are really doing, and they’ll likely be in the company of people who smoke frequently. The atmosphere can be disorienting.


The majority of tokers will try a hotbox at one time or another. We really endorse the idea of that session being a Jamaican hotbox. We recognize that hotboxing in general is a lot of fun and provides plenty of benefits. You get to enjoy the company of your friends while smoking. You might get to try different strains too, even some you may never have tried before.

However, we like the Jamaican hotbox for a number of reasons. Creating a hotbox in the bathroom eliminates the potential for residual smell to be left behind. It will not necessarily give you a greater high, but it will be enjoyable, nonetheless.