Planning to spend the quarantine smoking some mind-blowing ganja in your porch? The good news is that you can always count on the Canadian weed dispensaries to get the top-rated buds delivered right to your doorstep. What better way to enjoy your quarantine than experimenting with some of the best Indica strains you can find in the market? In today’s post, we are going to tell you about some of the best Indica strains which have a worldwide reputation for their celestial effects on the body and mind.

Best indica strains to order online-Our top 10 picks:

This mind-bending hybrid strain which is a cross of Blood Rose and Death Star is an Indica heavy strain that can be a knockout even for the veterans. The spicy aroma of the Pink Death buds has faint notes of ginger and pepper and when being smoked it leaves a musky aftertaste. This creeper strain takes some time to produce its heavy effects and users are known to feel a weightiness in their limbs and muscles accompanied by a dreamy state of mind and mild psychedelic effects.

This indica strain with violet tinted buds offer a THC level of 20% and a CBD level of around 1%. A cross of God Bud and Blueberry, this sleep-inducing weed strain is extremely beneficial for patients of chronic pain and insomnia. The full-body effects of Blue God will fulfill all your indica expectations. However, due to its sedative effect, this strain is best enjoyed during the night or on a lazy day at home.

This rare indica dominant strain (70% indica/30% sativa) is a cross of the much famed Pink Kush and Tuna Kush weed strains. Known for its classic indica effects, Pink Tuna is celebrated for its extreme THC level (25%-31%) and euphoria-inducing cerebral effects. Immediately after smoking your body is going to sink in a deep relaxation which can lull you gently to a night of deep sleep. Thanks to its sedative and euphoric effects, this strain is often prescribed for patients of insomnia, chronic stress, anxiety and depression.

The handsome buds of Tom Ford Pink Kush aka TFPK come with pinkish-orange hairs, a purplish undertone and a thick coat of white trichomes. The dense green nugs of this strain release a sweet aroma of honey and citrus while the effects of this strain are even more tempting. Ideal for use during night-time or weekends, this super high THC content of this strain (24%-27%) can be a little overwhelming for novice users. The cerebral high of TFPK is followed by a wave of enthusiasm after which a sense of deep relaxation gradually sets in. It won’t make you feel anxious or alienated and can be safely used before socializing with friends or family. The effects of this strain make it perfectly suitable for people with anxiety, insomnia, and chronic stress.

With Think Mint Girl Scout Cookies and Sunset Sherbet as its parents, Gelato #33 is an absolutely delectable indica strain that offers a pleasant scent of earth, mint and orange. This strain undoubtedly owes its massive popularity to its creative and social effects. The psychoactive buzz of Gelato along with its strong body high makes it ideal for use on patients of chronic pain, stress, insomnia and depression.

Named after the boxing champion, this pure indica strain is hard hitter meant only for the veterans. The sticky buds of Mike Tyson give off a smell reminiscent of hashish and oriental spices. Known for its perception warping effects, this strain is best enjoyed in the accompaniment of your favorite playlist or TV show. The mind and body buzz takes around 15 minutes to set in while its hard-hitting high works wonders against lack of appetite, headaches, nausea, stress and insomnia.

The one of a kind taste and super heavy THC content are the two factors that set apart this weed strain from the rest of its indica brethren. This indica dominant hybrid which is a cross of White Widow, Cheese and Chronic comes with creamy strawberry notes and quick-hitting high. This is one of the few indica strains which will make you feel motivated and enthusiastic and thus can be used while working or on the go. Strawberry cheesecake isn’t going to make you feel sedated, paranoid, or lazy and patients of fatigue, arthritis, depression and stress can immensely benefit from this one.

A hybrid of Afghani Indica and Skunk #1, Critical Mass is a hard-hitting strain which numbs your body making you feel indolent yet focussed. According to many users, Critical Mass clears up your thought process and produces a semi-psychedelic experience. Ideal for evening use this strain is often used by patients of stress, insomnia, migraines and nausea. However, too much of Critical Mass can make you feel anxious and paranoid so inexperienced users should smoke this in moderation.

Lindsay OG is an award-winning indica dominant strain that is celebrated for its powerful couchlocking and sleep inducing effects. Just a few drags of a Lindsay OG joint is going to produce a strong sense of euphoria followed by a deep and unperturbed sleep. The skunky sweet aroma of this strain makes it a pleasure to smoke while the pain-alleviating effects make it ideal for patients suffering from chronic pain and insomnia.

Pink Gorilla with its deep purple buds and a THC level of 20% is loved for its devastatingly potent cerebral buzz which can leave you incapacitated on your sofa for hours to come. It goes without saying that this strain is meant only for night-time smoking. The powerful body buzz will soothe all tensions in your muscles thereby making it ideal for patients of migraine, arthritis, neuropathic pain and all kinds of chronic pain.

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