“Dabbing” is the most popular way of smoking shatter, and it can be done with any vape pen or oil rig pipe. 

When dabbing, keep the following takeaways in your mind:

  • Dabs are pretty concentrated, so be cautious when using them. Concentrations of THC in dabs can be as high as 90%, compared to the 15-25% seen in regular flowers. It’s incredible how far a little bit can go!
  • Be watchful of how hot you get. A coughing fit and scorched terpenes result from using a dab nail or nectar collector that was too hot. Note that a nail can get much hotter than a lighter or a bowl.
  • Use a vape pen, a joint, or an oil rig and measure out your dose, making it as small as you wish to begin with
  • When using a blowtorch for dabbing, monitor and maintain a steady temperature. Try using a timer, a thermometer, or just your dabbers’ knowledge. For example, try heating the dab for 30 seconds with a butane torch, waiting 60 seconds for it to cool, and then adding it.


What is Cannabis Shatter?

Shatter is a pure form of cannabis extract that is extremely strong and has a distinctive amber shine due to its high concentration. Its terpene level is among the greatest, and its cannabinoid content regularly tops 90%.

Cannabinoids and terpenes are naturally occurring plant compounds responsible for cannabis’s distinctive aroma and flavour. They’re essential since they provide you with the sensations after smoking them. Like other cannabinoid-extracted cannabis concentrates, shatter relies on uniformity. 

Concentrates vary in consistency from thick to thin, but all include a sticky cannabis compound. The ultimate consistency of the concentrate, generated throughout the process of extracting cannabinoids, defines the type of concentrate it is. By comparison, shatter retains its transparent nature while budder is beaten to make it creamier.

You probably already know what I’m talking about if you’ve ever made sweets. Shatter is neither sticky like hash oil nor waxy like budder; instead, it resembles a hard piece of toffee and can easily be broken with a dabber.

Cannabinoids (THC, CBD, CBG, and CBN), terpenes, and flavonoids are extracted from marijuana flower buds using a solvent extraction method. Common solvents include carbon dioxide (CO2), alcohol, and butane. 

The butane helps to isolate the cannabinoids and trichomes in the cannabis plant. The largest concentrations of THC, other cannabinoids, and terpenes are found in the trichomes, the tiny sparkling glass-like crystals on the buds of healthy cannabis plants.

Best Way to Smoke Shatter Wax

Best Way to Smoke Shatter Wax

The best way to smoke shatter wax is by dabbing. Dabbing is the practice of using a dab rig to rapidly vaporize concentrated substances known as dabs. 

To dab your wax, you need the following tools:

  • Dab ring
  • Nail
  • Carb Cap
  • Torch
  • Dab tool

Let us look at each and learn how to use each tool.

Dab Ring

You can safely inhale dab vapour using a dab rig or a water pipe. It has a nail fitting in place of a bowl, which gives the device a bong appearance. Dab rigs can be found in various forms and sizes, but most are shorter than 1 foot.


The nail of a dab rig is the part of the device into which concentrates, or “dabs,” are placed before being heated and inhaled. Quartz bangers, typically shaped like buckets, are the industry standard nail. For this reason, nails are typically crafted from materials like borosilicate, ceramic, titanium, or quartz.

The size of a nail determines how it fits into a dab rig; a 14mm stem, for example, requires a 14mm nail. Nails and rigs have male and female connections; thus, if you have a female rig, you’ll need a male nail and vice versa. E-nails or electronic nails are devices you can attach to your dab ring and heat through electricity, avoiding the need for a torch.

Carb Cap

After dropping the dab into a hot nail, you can control the smoke you inhale by placing a carb cap on the nail. Similarly, you can pull out the bowl of a bong to control the amount of air you inhale. 

You can cover or uncover the nail on a carp cap to adjust the amount of air you inhale when you take a hit. As the dabbing nail becomes very hot, a carb cap establishes contact without touching it. Using a carb cap to manage airflow is optional but strongly recommended.


A crème brûlée torch or equivalent kitchen torch is mainly used for heating nails. Be aware that you will need to stock up on butane cans.

Dab Tool/Dabber

Because of their stickiness, you will require a dab tool to remove them from their container and place them on a heated nail. A dab tool is made of metal, glass, or ceramic and might take the form of a scoop, spatula, pick, shovel, blade, paddle, and so on. Concentrate shapes can range from a scoop to a paddle, so it’s essential to consider the fluidity of your dab when making your selection.

Dab Mat and Dab Timer

Considering the sticky nature of dabs, you might need a dab mat to keep your dubbing area tidy and free from gunk.

Also, you can use a dab timer to time the correct temperature and ensure the nail is heated continuously, dab after dab.

Shatter 34

How do You Smoke Weed Shatter?

There are several methods for smoking weed shatter, but the oil rig is the most common. When the nail is red, you can dab some weed shatter onto it with a metal dabber. Because of this, the oil burns instantly, creating a cloud of smoke that you can breathe through the rig.


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To Sum It Up!

Ready to start dabbing? This article gives all the information you need concerning shatter, how to smoke it, and have the best dabbing experience. If dabbing is your ideal way to consume quality cannabis concentrate plant extracts, you know how to smoke shatter for a long-lasting effect.



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