Consuming hash is a great way to spice things up and enhance the high sensation. Hash offers more potency than regular marijuana. People have enjoyed hash since ancient times because of its aromatic, incense-like flavour and intense stimulation.

You can smoke hash in numerous ways, including using a pipe/ bong, vaping, using a hookah, adding to a joint, using hot knives, or using the pin method. In addition, you can try out different ways to identify your most suitable smoking method. So let’s dive in and get to know more about smoking hash.


What is Hash?

Hash, also known as hashish, is a cannabis concentrate made by isolating the trichomes from the cannabis plant and pressing them into a concentrated form. Trichomes are a part of cannabis that contain cannabinoids and terpenes. Thus, hashish is more potent than regular cannabis flowers.

Hash can be procured from extraction companies or made at home after trimming. Hashish can vary in texture and consistency depending on the type of cannabis plant and preparation technique. Extractors can make the product a chalky solid, soft, or thick paste.

Hash was traditionally made by hand by rubbing or agitating cannabis plants to extract the resin. Modern hash is made from pressed resin glands of the female cannabis plant or kief (cannabis crystals.)

The modern technique uses solvents such as ice water to disintegrate crystals from the buds, then collects resin using mesh filters. The collected resin is then pressed to make a bubble hash. The resulting hash can be yellow, red-brown, or black.

What is Hash?

Categories of Hash

There are two main hash categories, named according to the resin extraction method from the cannabis plant. The different categories offer varying high experiences.

Dry Sift Hash

Dry sift hash is also called kief hash. It entails the traditional method of making hashish. However, the technique only involves using silk screens to collect kief.

Ice-Water Hash

It is also known as bubble hash. Bubble hash is made by separating the trichomes from cannabis matter using ice-cold water. For example, place flower buds inside layers of filtration bags inside a bucket. Then pour water and ice inside to break them apart into trichomes.

The pure kief is collected at the bottom of the bag. Depending on the consistency, extractors can press it into balls or fine, dry powder. The substance has a high concentration of THC and CBD.


Best Way to Smoke Hash?

Upon procuring hash, the first question is how to consume it. Hash can be smoked, vaped, dabbed, or infused into edibles. The following analysis will help you determine the various ways to smoke hash.

How to Smoke Hash in a Pipe or Bong

Smoking hash from a pipe is easy and involves a few potentially harmful substances. Prime your hashish a bit by warming it up. Pipe/bong requires inserting screens to keep your pipe clean and ensure the hash burns evenly. 

Put some hash in the bowl and light the hash using a regular lighter. Blow out the flame until the hashish burns steadily. Inhale hash once it burns like a tiny piece of coal. You can layer hash with weed or tobacco.

Smoke Hash in a Spliff or Joint

Smoke Hash in a Spliff or Joint

Rolling a joint is a quick and easy way to consume hash. You simply need a rolling paper, ground flower, and hash. Place the rolling paper on a flat surface, add some ground flower, followed by your hashish.

Top with another layer of the ground flower and roll your joint. You can opt to mix hash with other herbs like passionflower, tobacco, damiana, or weed for a super-potent sensation.

How to Use Hashish With Dabbing Method

You can dab your hash using dab rigs. Fill your dab rig up to 3/4 with water, then heat the bottom of the nail until it gets red. Let the nail cool for 3-5 seconds, then place a small piece of hash on the nail. Start your dabbing adventure by inhaling the hash.

How to Smoke Hashish in Hookah

Smoking hash out of a hookah provides a unique experience that is shorter but more intense. To smoke hash with a hookah, prepare your bowl normally, but use less shisha to leave room for hash. Mix your hash well because it burns quickly.

Smoke Hash Using Knives

The hot knife method is one of the traditional ways of smoking hash. It is efficient and effective for an incredible experience. 

Here is how you go about it: 

  • Begin by heating the two knives on the stovetop
  • Place your hash on one of the knives on the table
  • Flip the other hot knife on top of the hash to make a hash sandwich
  • Inhale the smoke from the hash sandwich. Use a straw or a bottle to prevent your face from getting too close to the stove.

Vaping Hash

Smoking hash in a vaporizer is a stylish and easy way to enjoy hashish. Users can use it in either concentrate vaporizers or dry herb vaporizers. Put your hash in the chamber, heat it with the button, and begin smoking. Hash is heated more than the dried herb.

How to Check if The Hash is Good?

How to Check if The Hash is Good?

Hash is a cannabis product available in high or low-quality forms. The following specifications should be considered:


Old-school hash should have a darker brown colour with little or no speckles of green. On the other hand, the dry sift hash should be light yellow with a darker coat on the outside and lighter on the inside.


Dry sift hash shouldn’t be too dry. Instead, it should have a crumbly texture with a slight stickiness. On the other hand, old-school hashish should be sticky on the inside and denser/hard on the outside.


Hashish has a variety of tastes and aromas because of different cannabis strains. Typically, the hash will have a spicy, fruity, or floral flavour, depending on the strain. Hashish should not have a chemical or plastic taste.


Where to Buy Hash Online in Canada?

Quality hashish can be availed at dispensaries, extraction companies, and the best cannabis shops in Canada. You can even get same-day hash delivery in Vancouver and other Canadian cities. Look no further if you seek to procure hash at affordable prices! You can find premium-quality and top-shelf concentrates in Canada from the Green Ace cannabis dispensary. The Green Ace team offers all types of cannabis-concentrated products, including the cheapest hash online in Canada.



A perfect hash is smooth, potent, and aromatic. Compared to bags of marijuana, a small piece of hash is economical and more practical to carry and store. In addition, smoking hash provides a more intense high than weed. Therefore, it is ideal for those with high tolerance.

Now you know how to smoke hashish. Hash consumption can be done in old-school ways or modern methods to deliver the desired experience.



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