Do Shrooms Expire and How Long Do They Last? Experts Answered!

Knowing how long shrooms last and how to store magic mushrooms is as essential as buying the best quality. Experts at The Green Ace share all about shroom preservation, from shelf life to storage methods.

Psilocybin shrooms, popularly known as magic mushrooms, offer a wide range of benefits – from treating depression to overcoming alcohol addiction and helping quit smoking.

Thanks to their health benefits, more people are consuming these mushrooms than ever. In fact, the Psychedelic Mushroom Market, which was valued at $1.93 billion in 2022, is expected to grow with a CAGR of over 10% between 2023 and 2032.

Although magic mushrooms are helpful in many ways, they go bad after some time, just like food. To maintain their maximum potency, they require careful attention when storing and must be kept safe from bacteria and mold.

How long do shrooms last, and how do you keep them effective for a long time?

Honestly, preserving these magical shrooms is a challenging job.

To make it easier, we’ve created a detailed guide, which covers many things – including answers to questions like:

✔ What are magic mushrooms, and why should you consume them?
✔ Do shrooms expire or go bad?
✔ Why should you store magic mushrooms?
✔ How to store shrooms?

Let’s start with the basics: What are magic mushrooms?

Magic “Shrooms”: What are They?

They are mushrooms containing psilocybin, which is a kind of hallucinogenic drug.

How do you pronounce “Psilocybin”?sil-uh-sahy-bin

Also known as magic mushrooms or simply shrooms, they belong to the Psilocybe genus group. Their use causes hallucinations and affects a user’s emotions. 

More than 200 types of mushrooms have psilocybin, and the most commonly known among them are:

  • Psilocybe cubensis
  • Psilocybe baeocystis
  • Psilocybe mexicana
  • Psilocybe semilanceata
  • Amanita muscaria
  • Psilocybe cyanescens
  • Psilocybe zapotecorum
  • Psilocybe azurescens

The Psychedelic Power of Psilocybin Mushrooms



Magic mushrooms are common. For centuries, they’ve been consumed for their psychoactive properties.  

Psilocybin, a psychoactive chemical, turns into psilocin after ingestion. When ingested, it creates hallucinogenic effects and changes a user’s thought process. 

Also, you can experience effects like:

✔ Body being felt light or heavy

✔ Changes like how to see or perceive your surroundings

How Can You Consume Magic Mushrooms?




The human history suggests that our ancestors ingested psychedelic mushrooms. 

However, today, we’ve a variety of ways to consume the shrooms, including:

  • Eating (dried)
  • Ingesting (powdered)
  • Adding to beverages like tea, juice, and others
  • Adding to food (dried)

Shelf Life of Shrooms




Shrooms are a kind of fungus vulnerable to bacteria and mold. If they aren’t stored properly or left in moisture for an extended period, they go bad and aren’t safe to use. 

So, the answer to ‘how long do magic mushrooms last’ depends on how you store them. 

Generally, shrooms, if stored in a dry and dark place, can remain good for 10-12 months. Still, the shelf life depends on the product type and how it is stored.

Tip by experts: Always store magic mushrooms in dark, dry, and cool places.

Does Magic Mushrooms Go Bad or Expire?

Yes, they do.  

There are two ways they can go bad:

  1. Degradation
  2. Decomposition

Over time, when shrooms or products made of them left in sunlight or moisture, they get degraded. As a result, their psychoactive properties and psychedelic effectiveness break down. 

On the other hand, Degradation occurs when bacteria decompose shrooms, resulting in rotting them. When eaten, these products can cause vomiting, nausea, or similar gastrointestinal conditions.

Factors Influencing Duration and Intensity of Magic Mushrooms

Apart from the expiry date that comes with a product, many factors affect the health of magic mushrooms. How long mushrooms are good for depends on the following:

✔ Storage mediums

✔ Temperature

✔ Light

✔ Moisture

For example, shrooms kept in mason jars can remain effective for 6-12 months. On the other hand, if left in the sunlight for a long time, they’ll go bad in just a few days. The mantra for increasing the shelf life of mushrooms is to store them in a mason jar away from sunlight.

Signs of Expired Mushrooms: How To Recognize When The Magic is Bad




When mushrooms begin to decompose, their complex compounds become simpler. This process can lead to changes in color, texture, and smell. 

Let’s discuss signs you can notice to understand whether your product has expired or gone bad:

  • Change in Color

If you notice dark/brown spots, the mushrooms are likely rotting. The cause can be overexposure to mold or bacteria.  

  • Change in Smell

Although shrooms like Psilocybin ones have a strong one, you can easily differentiate between good and bad mushrooms. For example, if the odor is foul or intolerable, it’s a sign to be cautious. 

  • Squishy Texture

Mushrooms are soft but firm. If you feel they have formed an incredibly soft texture, they are going to rot soon. 

  •  Slimy Surface 

Some mushrooms are slimy when they are fresh. However, discard them if you purchased them many days ago.

Why Is It Important to Store Magic Mushrooms Right?




The world has more than 10,000 mushroom species. Out of them, around 180 possess psilocybin or psilocin. For centuries, humans have been using them for medicinal and spiritual purposes. 

It is necessary to store them properly if you want to reap their health benefits for a long time. 

If not taken care of, they go bad and don’t offer the advantages you expect from them.

What are Things to Keep in Mind When Storing Your Shrooms?

As we already discussed the factors that affect the potency of magic mushrooms, it is essential to ensure that you take care of them during the storage process.

✔ Store your shrooms in a mason jar

✔ Ensure you don’t keep them in direct sunlight for many hours

✔ Protect them from heat, moisture, and air

How To Store Magic Mushrooms For Maximum Shelf Life




The key to extending magic mushrooms’ shelf life is preserving them against mold and bacteria. However, different methods can be used for different types of mushroom products. 

Let’s discuss the best way to store mushrooms:

  • Fresh Mushrooms

They are best consumed within a few weeks of harvesting. They need to be stored on paper in the refrigerator. 

Some more things to remember are:

✔ Don’t put them in an airtight container 

✔ Don’t freeze your shrooms

  • Dried Mushrooms

The best is to keep your dried magic shrooms in a mason jar. 

You can also use vacuum-sealed bags. Once sealed, you can store your mushrooms in a freezer to keep them useful for a long time.

Pro Tip: If you store dried mushrooms in vacuum-sealed bags, make sure they are properly sealed. Use machines to seal the bags.

  • Short-Term, Long-Term Storage

Dried magic mushrooms have an average shelf life of 8-12 months. However, this is possible only if they are stored properly. Keep them in cold, dry, and dark places for long-term storage.

You can also freeze them in vacuum-sealed bags.

If you only want to preserve your shrooms for a few weeks, keep them in lemon juice. Occasionally, shake it well to preserve the potency.

How Long Can You Store Shrooms?

Even if you keep your mushrooms in dry and dark places, they begin to rot after one year. 

However, there are ways to preserve them longer than that. 

Freezing shrooms in a vacuum-seal bag is an effective way to store them for many months. How long do mushrooms last in the fridge? 

The answer is: More than one year.


Now, you know all about magic mushroom preservation. 

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