Weed hangover occurs the morning after heavily smoking cannabis. Marijuana is comprised of THC or tetrahydrocannabinol, a chemical accountable for its euphoric effects. THC attaches to cannabinoid receptors in the brain and disrupts physical and mental functioning. The high can last for two to three hours. A considerable amount of it does extensive effects.  Cannabis hangover may happen to anyone but more likely in inexperienced marijuana users. Factors that make them at risk is their tolerance and their inexperience in knowing how much they can handle. Overindulgence may have lingering effects the next day.

Cannabis hangover is characterized by feelings of grogginess, haziness and lethargy, eye redness, dry mouth, and dehydration. Everyone responds differently to cannabis. To an extent, it may even affect memory and cause other distressing symptoms like decreased alertness and psychomotor function, impaired memory, and learning problems.

Although some marijuana users report their experience of a hangover, others do not. Factors for these conflicting reports, whether weed causes a hangover, include how the quantity consumed, the quality of the strain, and user tolerance.

How to manage weed hangover

A cannabis hangover will generally disappear on its own. These are the tips that can pitch relief for the hangover:

  • Drink water before, during, and after using weed. Hydrate yourself to aid in relieving symptoms such as dry mouth, and headaches.
  • Eat a healthy, balanced breakfast after your weed use. A nutrient-rich meal delivers hangover relief.
  • Take a shower. It opens up your senses and makes you feel refreshed after weed use. A hot bath may help alleviate feelings of lethargy and fatigue.
  • Drink ginger tea. Ginger tea can help with nausea, vomiting, and other digestive problems.
  • Drink caffeine as it can enhance alertness. However, consuming so much may contribute to dehydration; hence, drinking other fluids, especially water, is paramount.
  • Use a cold compress and do temple massages for headaches.
  • If the headache is persistent, over-the-counter medications can be used, such as aspirin, ibuprofen, or acetaminophen, as long as you comply with the dosing instructions.
  • Use some eye drops to soothe the redness of eyes and also to bring back moisture and alleviate dryness.
  • Try using CBD or cannabidiol. It is a relatively safe substance and is a nonpsychoactive component of marijuana that can respond to some of the symptoms of a weed hangover.
  • Rest for the day.

To prevent hangovers and their hassles in everyday life, the best way is self-control or using marijuana in moderation. Other ways to avoid include:

  • Avoid smoking weed, especially when you experience weed hangovers, the night before an essential activity such as a business meeting, or an
  • Have your days off by avoiding the daily use of weed. Using weed regularly may increase your tolerance and, in due course, may prompt withdrawal symptoms.
  • Do not overconsume. Use it in moderation and appropriate quantity. Know how much you can handle.
  • If the hangover is persistent, you may opt for low-THC marijuana to prevent the hangover symptoms.
  • Be cautious when you try a new product. People react variably to weed depending on concentration, dose, and method of delivery. Avoid being impulsive in trying a new product. Start with a low dose until you are knowledgeable about how much you can handle.
  • Do not use weed while consuming other substances such as alcohol or drugs as it intensifies the hangover.
  • Be mindful of any over-the-counter medications you use to relieve the symptoms. Seek professional advice because some medicines can interact with weed and may cause other problems.

Feeling sick the morning after using weed does not necessarily mean it is a hangover that you are going through. There are potentially other reasons why weed users feel a little off after weed use:

  • Using other drugs and drinking alcohol while using weed dramatically affects how the user will feel the morning after.
  • Possible marijuana withdrawal may also affect the user’s feelings after weed use, especially if the user smokes regularly. Symptoms associated with marijuana withdrawal include mood swings, or sudden changes in mood, difficulty sleeping, and inattention.
  • The effects of marijuana can last between one and four hours and more extended, depending on the dose, concentration, strain, delivery method, and the user’s tolerance. Hence, feeling a little off in the morning after smoking, as long as you did not consume any alcohol and other drugs, may still be persistent effects of marijuana.

If marijuana hangover is persistent, it may be a manifestation of marijuana dependence or marijuana addiction. It may be time to consult your doctor for intervention. Self-reflect on these potential signs of weed misuse:

  • Using weed daily
  • Experiencing cravings for it
  • Spending a lot of time thinking about it or obtaining it
  • Wanting more than you intended
  • Possessing constant supply and spending a lot of money on it
  • Avoiding circumstances or places where you cannot use it
  • Working while high
  • Having withdrawal symptoms
  • Failing in stopping the use of it

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The cannabis hangovers are caused by heavily smoking marijuana. It is characterized by symptoms like grogginess, haziness, and lethargy, red and dry eyes, dry mouth and dehydration, and other distressing symptoms like decreased alertness, inattention, and impaired memory. While there is no quick fix for the hangover, you can alleviate the symptoms by hydrating yourself, eating healthy breakfast after use, taking a shower, over-the-counter medications, using CBD, and resting for the whole day.

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