Mix and match cannabis strains

Be it new hybrid strains with unique genetics or novel ways to consume them – marijuana enthusiasts love to experiment! People are always looking forward to a better high and therefore it is no surprise that mixing different hybrid strains to customize the high is becoming increasingly popular among marijuana users.

If someone is looking for a new marijuana experience, mixing two high quality cannabis strains is the easiest way to get it. Not only you get a completely different high but also different flavor and taste than what you are used to. If you are using marijuana for therapeutic purposes, combining different strains can be very effective to target your specific medical conditions or health requirements. Keep reading this post to know how mix and match strains can improve your cannabis trip as well as which strains are best to mix together.

Benefits of mix and match strains

Mixing two or more potent marijuana strains, or ‘making a salad’ as it is popularly called, has some clear benefits:

Get a better high

People usually mix different hybrid strains to get a more powerful high. For regular marijuana users, mix and match strains are extremely helpful for achieving a potent high by crossing the tolerance threshold.

  • Tone down a p
  • werful strain

Don’t want to get super high or stoned from a strong hybrid strain? Mix it with a lighter variant to tone down its effect. If you don’t want the psychoactive effects produced by the high THC content of a particular strain, you can always mix it with a high CBD strain to get a balanced effect.

Personalizing your marijuana experience

All strains, due to their unique cannabinoid profile and mix of terpenes, have different effects as well as aromas and tastes. While the THC heavy weeds give you a euphoric cerebral high, the CBD dominant ones make you feel extremely relaxed and ‘stoned’. The sativa strains claim to energize you whereas the indica strains are good for sedation and sleep.  Different terpenes increase or blocks these effects of cannabinoids and give the buds their unique flavors. By mixing different strains in varying proportions you can blend their cannabinoid and terpene profiles together to produce a new and unique marijuana experience of your preference.

Increased entourage effect

It is the combined effects of different cannabinoids and terpenes in a cannabis strain, known as the entourage effect, which makes it effective in treating various health and mental conditions. Experts claim that blending two or more strains together increases the entourage effect and therefore boosts their healing potential.

Best strains to mix together

Although people mix and match strains to get a customized high of their own choice, there are certain blends that are extremely popular among marijuana users.

  • Medical Mass and Royal Domina

It’s a mix between two indica-dominant strains with different cannabinoid profiles and effects. The Royal Domina has high THC content (20%) with a heavy stoning effect. On the other hand, Medical Mass is high in CBD. A perfect blend of them will give you a relaxed yet energetic state and a combination of both cerebral as well as body buzz.

Sour Diesel and OG Kush

If you want a blend of two polar opposites, mix sativa-dominant Sour Diesel with indica-heavy OG Kush. The former is known for producing an extremely euphoric high, while the latter is a potent couch-locking sedative. Mixing these two THC high strains gives you a balance of mind and body sensations.

White Cheese and Blueberry

If you want to try out new flavors, you can combine White Cheese with Blueberry. Both of them have strong aromas that smell amazing when blended together. White Cheese is an indica-dominant hybrid that has a THC content of about 9-13%. The THC content in Blueberry is much higher – 19-20%. The combo will give you a nice euphoric body sensation and an uplifting mood.

Super Lemon Haze and Charlotte’s Web

Two sativa-strains with very different cannabinoids and terpene profiles, these two popular strains can be a very potent combination. While Lemon Haze is a THC heavy strain, Charlotte’s Web has high levels of CBD in it. It is the presence of Limonene terpene in Super Lemon Haze gives it its signature lemony scent. Charlotte’s Web, on the other hand, has high Linalool and Myrcene contents, which gives it a piney and citrus aroma.  The mix is very effective in treating anxiety and stress.

Granddaddy Purple and Trainwreck

These two popular hybrid strains have very similar cannabinoid profiles. However, they vary from each other in terms of their terpene contents. Granddaddy Purple has heavy Myrcene and Pinene contents. On the other hand, Trainwreck is high in Limonene and Beta-Caryophyllene. While Trainwreck will give you a highly euphoric sensation, Granddaddy Purple will mellow you out with smooth body buzz. Mixing them will give you a unique combination of earthy, pungent scents with fruity and honey flavors.

When mixing two different strains, pay attention to the ratios. By manipulating the amounts of each strain in the mix, you can customize your highs according to your own requirements. Check their unique cannabinoid profiles and terpene contents so that you know what effects the strains can produce when blended together.

As marijuana experience is deeply personal, only you can tell what is best for you. Always try a new blend in a safe environment; you can never anticipate how high you’ll get after smoking a mix for the first time. Be prepared for a flavor and a taste that is completely unknown to your senses. Initially, your mix might not be what you are looking for but try not to lose patience. Finding a perfect blend takes time. Keep experimenting with different strains and different proportions until you achieve the best mix!