Lately, Psychedelic mushrooms, AKA shrooms, have been a topic of discussion. Everywhere we go, someone is talking about them. And they are worth the hype.

But hey, with great trips comes great confusion, right? Even though shrooms might seem like the next hype thing to do, there still needs to be more clarity around them. It’s time we shed light on certain myths and mushroom long-term side effects.

Whether you are a first-time user or have tripped before, it is important to know the difference between what is true and what is not.

So here’s the big question: “Can you overdose on magic mushrooms?”

let’s start and sort out the facts from the fiction.

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The Myth and Facts of Overdosing on Shrooms

The thought of overdosing on shrooms will freak out most of us. But Alas, it’s just a myth. If you take an excess amount of shrooms, you might feel uncomfortable and not in a good way, but trust us when we say it’s not deadly. 

The most common fear people have about shrooms is, “Can they overdose on mushrooms?” 

The answer to this question is “No”. 

No, you cannot overdose on shrooms. 

Having said that, it is crucial to know the mushroom’s side effects and precautions to ensure a safe experience.

Smoking too many shrooms can create confusion, make you hallucinate, and can even cause psychosis.

Remember, shrooms can give you the experience of a lifetime, but it’s important to keep it real and safe.

How much is too much

Monitoring how much and how often you smoke is important to make sure you have a safe and enjoyable trip. The dosage you consume can greatly affect your experience. 

When discussing the doses of magic mushrooms, it is important to understand microdosing. Typically, microdosing ranges from 0.1 to 0.3 grams, or one-tenth to one-third of a gram. 

Everyone’s different, and your tolerance and sensitivity can differ from others. So, depending on what you’re expecting, you can adjust your dose.

Pro tip: Start by gradually increasing small doses. One needs to test the water before jumping deep. Always begin with a small quantity of mushrooms to see how they affect you before taking a larger amount.

Can You Die From Shroom?

Another myth about shrooms is that they can be fatal. 

However, one should not take too much because there might be some unpleasant experiences, both mentally and physically, but shrooms are not lethal by themselves.

If you’re wondering, “Can you die from shrooms?” Take a breather and relax because the answer is “Absolutely No.” There have been only a few documented cases of shroom overdoses.

Among those cases, almost all cases were of people with underlying health conditions or those who decided to combine shrooms with other substances – something that you should avoid.

The other few cases were of people who consumed poisonous mushrooms by mistake, believing they were psilocybin mushrooms. Those toxic mushrooms can cause health problems or even be deadly. So, always make sure you’re getting your shrooms from a reliable source you can trust.

Consuming excessive amounts or high doses of magic mushrooms can have side effects. High doses can cause intense physical and psychological effects like blacking out, breathing problems, and even seizures. 

While the risk of a fatal shroom overdose is very unlikely to happen, it’s still important to be cautious. Use responsibly. Start with small doses and always smoke only good-quality shrooms.

Don’t Mix Shrooms With Other Substances

Consuming other drugs, such as alcohol and prescription medicines with shrooms, is not a good idea. – it’s like walking on Millfield. 

Mixing shrooms with alcohol can make the negative effects of both substances worse and cause more harm to the brain. It can alter your decision-making ability and increase the chances of doing dangerous things.

Further, its psychological impact can cause increased anxiety, paranoia, and confusion.

On the other hand, Physically, you might feel nausea, vomiting, increased heart rate, and breathing issues. Sometimes, these symptoms can become severe, especially if you’re taking certain prescription drugs.

The dangers of combining hallucinogenic mushrooms effects with other drugs are numerous. This can lead to severe side effects and even reduce the medicinal value of shrooms. This is why combining substances can make a trip turn for the worse. They should be aware of these risks and take precautions.

To avoid Bad Trip, consume shrooms only in familiar surroundings with a friend and do not play the role of a ‘mixologist.’

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We hope this blog has helped you get the real scoop on the mushroom side effects long-term, myths, and truths about whether you can overdose on shrooms. 

It is also important to note that while a shroom overdose may not be fatal, it is still necessary to be cautious and to prepare for a safe trip. Begin with low doses in a secure and comfortable environment, and do not combine shrooms with other drugs. And, of course, always get your shrooms from a trusted vendor like The Green Ace to be assured of getting the best quality.

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