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It sounds like a pipe dream to have your marijuana shipped right up to your door. Yet mail order marijuana is a beautiful fact with legalization sweeping Canada, and many parts of the world. Statistics in reality show that more people buy cannabis online than ever before. For medical patients who cannot make it to their nearest pharmacy for any cause, mail order marijuana grants efficient access to essential medication.

Buying marijuana online is also great for untransported cannabis consumers. The gradual and increasingly expanding legalization of marijuana is leading innovative entrepreneurs to introduce apps that make it easier for shoppers to select and choose from a range of varieties, compare prices and order their indulgences or medication from the comfort of their sofa. With Canada joining the pot of states that have legalized recreational marijuana use, several companies are inch closer to providing full online cannabis sales and distribution. That is what this article will tell you exactly.

Cannabis (or usually known as weed) is as precious as gold when it comes to modern medicine. Multiple studies conclude that the latter is a beast towards autoimmune diseases, a “happy pill” in patients who have psychiatric disorders, and a potential being that revolutionizes the only mere fact that we commonly know about cancer and its treatments. All of these characteristics seem to be greatly rewarding to us, but why does it remain to be painful and distressing to the majority of people?

Cannabis is widely used among all countries, including Canada, where it is proven that it’s not a threat to health, but a miracle drug.

Cannabis Legalization in Canada

It is stated that on October 17, 2018, the Government of Canada legitimizes access to Cannabis, under these specified conditions:

1. Adults can have up to 30 grams of Cannabis, which should be legally-made.

2. Adults can produce up to four Cannabis plants in each house.

3. The minimum age for buying and using Cannabis is 18 years old but provinces can raise the age limit.

4. Regulated cannabis cultivation is under federal government supervision

5. The state government regulates the production and sales of Cannabis.

6. Specific laws have been implemented to tackle drug and alcohol-impaired driving.

Mail Order Marijuana

What, instead, is marijuana mail order? Simply put, your online order of mail order marijuana is pot. By marijuana, this means not only plants, but also consumables, ointments, distillations, and all cannabis- stuff. Buying marijuana online works the same as shopping for a new jacket or a pair of shoes. You can find your store, search their goods, add them to your shopping basket and click buy.

Yet here’s the thing about buying marijuana on the internet. If you buy marijuana online, you can’t just enter and do with your credit card info, or use Paypal. You will do what is known as an e-transfer. That’s because banks and credit card payment processors don’t see cannabis as an appropriate drug. But don’t worry, you won’t have to run over a lot of hoops on getting your medication. The process of e-transfer is easy although it may differ from one online pharmacy to another. The basic measures are:

  1. Sign into the mobile banking of your financial institution, and find the option “Send Money.”
  2. Pick the account where it will withdraw the funds.
  3. Fill in the shop details to which you send the money, such as the name, phone number, email address etc. Choose the amount of funds you wish to send and press submit.
  4. Wait for verification that your e-transfer was successfully and safely going through. If you are not receiving notification, please contact the shop you ordered immediately to ensure the order has been completed.

When you have made your order, all you’ve got to do is wait until your cannabis arrives. Most e-stores are shipping inconspicuously, meaning your pot should come in unidentifiable, plain packaging. In addition, most online shops will usually also vacuum-seal their items to conceal the heavy, distinct scent of cannabis. So, it’s as if you purchased a lamp or phone, or any “acceptable” regular product.         

Why Buy Weed Online?

There have been numerous varieties and forms of marijuana that are commercially available. And, when buying marijuana online, the first-timers feel a little intimidated. Acquiring cannabis online also holds copious advantages, be its vast range, price comparison and, inevitably, the strains of legal premium. This is why most people choose to go to online stores more readily than to visit the regional market.

There are some other reasons to buy cannabis online which also make it the most popular form of shopping.

  1. Although there are still illegal marijuana shops operating in the marketplace, online shopping provides the advantage of purchasing licensed goods. And, nobody needs to compromise when it comes to going for preferred marijuana goods. A wise decision would be to go for legal marijuana stores to purchase varieties, edibles, flowers and other items.
  2. Whether it be the consistency of the goods or the special packaging, online retailers take care of anything in detail. The items are packaged in deluxe editions when you buy the cannabis online. Keeping the anonymity going is so. These weed courier-order platforms look after your personal space well. Well, shopping online is the perfect choice for keeping things safe.
  3. It is probably the biggest reason that one would go for. The online shops, unlike the local shops, have a wide variety of items you can discover in a matter of minutes. The online service navigation system lets you explore the various categories and subsections in just one go.
  4. Someone assumes reasonable pricing after the price and variety of the goods. The online merchants not only deliver the product at home, but they also offer reasonable pricing. The marijuana mail-order lets you buy the real drug online at much cheaper rates than your nearest retail stores.
  5. Another important element is the product information which provides the necessary information to the consumer. As a result, you get even more accountability from the online shops. Growing marijuana or CBD product should include a laboratory report depicting the extraction process, the ingredients involved, material purity and similar details. is a BC-based Canadian organization offering safe, secure access to high-quality recreational and medical marijuana for patients undergoing from a range of diseases and disorders such as chronic pain, insomnia, nausea, loss of appetite, anxiety, ADD / ADHD, PTSD or other medical problems.

Where To Buy Weed Online

When you go online to buy cannabis, you do not have to look for a shop far and wide, that’s for sure. There are as many places to buy online cannabis as there are places to buy baked products, say. Yet obviously not every shop is reputable and secure. There will always be scammers in any community of online retailers. Above everything you don’t want to buy your medication from a wrong person.

The Green Ace (TGA) has some of the widest variety of cannabis products on the market – from Indica varieties, Sativa hybrids to Hybrid variants – they have every product to fit your requirements. is a BC-based Canadian organization offering safe, secure access to high-quality recreational and medical marijuana for patients undergoing from a range of diseases and disorders such as chronic pain, insomnia, nausea, loss of appetite, anxiety, ADD / ADHD, PTSD or other medical problems.

It is a one-stop medical marijuana online shop you can trust where the consumers can talk with a medical professional online, get a prescription and shop for cannabis online. The steps are simple and clear, offering a wide range of items, from delicious edibles to middle-shelf flowers.

Unlawful state or not, there’ll still be risks involved when you buy marijuana online. This is why when purchasing cannabis online, it is important to choose the right entities like The Green Ace. Otherwise, you would possibly never see your order. With an order from a dubious online store, countless numbers of people have gone through and never got their kit, or a refund. And this only covers one risk.


Ultimately, if you buy marijuana from a sketchy source online, you might not get what’s promised about the drug. For instance, a company might say that a particular tincture has CBD when it is full of THC in all actuality. As you can imagine, this could result in a failed drug test, potentially destroy your chance at scoring a job, etc. To prevent situations like these and the other risks involved, always purchase legal Marijuana from a reputable seller, like the TGA. If you feel insecure about a product, do your research, check their ratings, etc. Go for a business that has been around for quite some time. Odds are they’re still back online because they’re reliable and offer high-quality goods and customer support that are two musts for an excellent marijuana home delivery encounter.

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