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Weed shatter is an extract from the cannabis plant; its effect is the same as the other cannabis products. You can buy shatter online cheap through some online stores.

What is weed shatter?

Weed shatter is one of the concentrates that come from the extract of cannabis. The weed shatter looks like a translucent, hard candy, and it has a glassy texture. This weed concentrate gives the user a heavier-hitting feeling; this is why most weed consumers choose to use shatter as an alternative. 

Shatter is the most potent among other concentrates. Concentrates undergo a filtration process to remove fats and waxes on cannabis. Chemicals and solvents are used to separate the terpenes and cannabinoids from the cannabis plant.

How is weed shatter made?

Some weed companies are starting to notice that there is a slow shift from smoking to dabbing. Dabbing is a way of consuming concentrated cannabis products in small amounts.

Shatter is an extract of cannabis that is solvent-based. Butane is used when separating the trichomes in the plant; this extraction process can produce a yellowish wax. It is called the BHO extract of shatter. In trichomes, the highest THC, terpenes, and other cannabinoids concentrations can be found.

What are the uses of shatter?

Just like other cannabis products, shatter is also used for vaporizing or dabbing from a vape pen.

You can enjoy your shatter as either of these two ways. You can choose either a vape pen or a dab rig. The following are the steps on how to enjoy your weed shatter.

Smoke shatter using a vape pen

Using a vape pen is a convenient way to smoke shatter. Since it is the primary way to consume a cannabis extract, even beginners can immediately grasp the idea.

Put shatter in the bowl and press the button in the vape pen while the chamber is open so that the shatter will melt. You must hold the ON button and start inhaling slowly as long as you want to consume it. 

Smoke shatter using a dab rig

If you decide to smoke shatter with a rig, these are the things you must have:

  • Shatter
  • Water pipe
  • Nail
  • Dome
  • Torch
  • Dabbler

What do you have to do with these things? You can follow the following steps to enjoy shatter with a dab rig.

Step 1: Turn your torch on and put the flame directly at the nail.

Step 2: If the nail is already hot, you can turn off your torch and put the dome above the nail. Let the nails cool for 10 seconds.

Step 3: Directly put the dab on the nail, and slowly start inhaling. To avoid wasting shatter, you should rotate the tip of the dabber.

Step 4: You can now enjoy your shatter with your rig.

Use shatter with flower

In a bowl of shatter, you can add flowers according to your preference. In this method, you don’t have to buy any special tools. Mixing shatter with flower can give you different tastes.

Advantages of Using Shatter

Dabbing is known as the new way of consuming cannabis, which uses heat to melt the shatter so that it can be inhaled. The fast effects of shatter is one of the reasons why most of the consumers considered dabbing as another way of using cannabis. However, some users doubt the effects and safety of using shatter.

Shatter or dabbing can give you the quick effects that you aim to have. When using shatter, you are more likely to have less risk of having lung damage. It can also give you relief of pain and relief of other severe chronic conditions.

Recommended Shatters Online   

Everest Budder

Everest budder is an Everest extract product with strains of gelato, greasy pink, space cookies, MK ultra, Dank Schrader, Wedding Cake, Super Pink, and Rockstar. This product can give you medical benefits.

Pink Death Shatter

Pink death gives you a peppery spice and ginger taste with a very spicy aroma. The effects of Pink Death Shatter temporarily provides relief from PTSD, anxiety, and depression.

MAC #1 Shatter

MAC #1 shatter provides a different flavor that you can choose, from herbal, sour, diesel, to sweet. You can expect MAC #1 to give you creativity, relaxation, happiness, motivation, and euphoria; it is known to help with depression, chronic pain, fatigue, mood swings, and stress.

Everest Shatter

Everest Shatter is another product of Everest Extract, which can be in different strains such as headband, God’s Gift, MKU, Zombie Kush, Lindsay, Violator, Maui Maui, and Golden Pineapple. This product can give you lots of medical benefits.

Blackberry OG Shatter

Blackberry OG Shatter is a product from The Green Samurai that gives you blueberry, berry, fruity, sweet, and skunky flavors. This product is known for treating depression, migraines, anxiety, inflammation, and mood swings; it is also used best during the afternoon.

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Weed shatter is one of the concentrates that are processed through filtration. In the filtration process, the terpenes and cannabinoids are separated from the cannabis product, and it removes fats and wax. You can enjoy weed shatter in two different ways, either through a vape pen or a dab rig. Compared to other cannabis products, shatter is considered as the cheapest. You can find various products online, but the recommended ones are Everest Budder, Pink Death Shatter, MAC #1 Shatter, Everest Shatter, and Blackberry OG Shatter from The Green Ace. With The Green Ace, your orders are safe because it is a trusted online dispensary.