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Gummy Sour Bears by Faded Edibles

With the arrival of cannabis 2.0 in October 2019, Canada has entered a new phase of marijuana legalization. The sale and consumption of various kinds of marijuana edibles or ingestibles are now perfectly legal. You can find a variety of delicious, cannabinoid-infused gummies, candies, chocolates, mints, brownies, caramels and CBD edibles in the pot dispensaries that will give you premium marijuana experiences. Among all these amazing marijuana edibles, one product clearly dominates the market – the gummies.

According to many surveys, the chewy, brightly colored, sweet and sour gummies in various flavors are currently the most sought after cannabis edible in Canada. People buy edible gummies for many reasons. Unlike smoking and vaping, these tasty treats are perfectly easy and discreet to use. They require no extra equipment or paraphernalia. And most importantly, with these yummy cannabis gummies microdosing is very easy.

Nowadays, you can buy edible gummies online and get them delivered to anywhere in Canada. This post gives you a list of the best edible gummies available online.

They come in a variety of really mouth-watering flavors and with clearly mentioned doses of THC or CBD. Choose your favorite flavor or brand and place your order now!

Top THC and CBD gummies online

We present to you some of the best cannabis gummies – THC and CBD – that you can purchase online. To help you choose from them, we classified them according to the brands which manufacture them. All of these edible gummies are from top-class cannabis ingestible makers of Canada and are highly potent in their cannabinoid contents.

Gummies from Doobie Snacks

Doobie Snacks is a reputed organic cannabis edibles manufacturing company that sells a variety of A-grade marijuana edibles like gummies, candies and others. All of their gummies, available in different doses of THC and CBD as well as some amazing flavors, have great therapeutic benefits for patients suffering from chronic pain, depression, fatigues, stress, headaches, insomnia, loss of appetite, ADD/ADHD. We bring to you our choice of best Doobie Snacks gummies which will cost you around $10-11 per pack:

Gummies from Twisted Extracts

Twisted Extracts sell some of the best pot gummies and caramels in Canada. All of their jelly bombs, zzz bombs and cara-melts come with reliably consistent dosings.The jelly bombs and the zz bombs are available in some tempting flavors like Green Apple, Black Cherry, Blue Raspeberryetc and the cara-melts are available in both sativa as well as indica varieties. Twisted Extracts gummies are very effective in treating a variety of medical conditions like pain, fatigue, depression, stress, ADHD etc and they will cost you only 416 per pack. Here are some of our favorite products from the Twisted Extracts:

Gummies from The Green Samurai

The Green Samurai has brought a range of colorful and delicious fruit-flavored gummy bears that will take you to your childhood and yet give you some very powerful THC hits. Whatever flavor you choose, a pack of The Green Samurai Bear Bombs containing six 25mg candies will cost you $14 only. These gummy bears, with their consistent THC doses, are perfect for microdosing by the medical marijuana patients.

  • Fruit Pack Bear Bomb 150mg THC
  • Blueberry Bear Bomb 150mg THC
  • Peach Bear Bomb 150mg THC
  • Strawberry Bear Bomb 150mg THC
  • Grape Bear Bomb 150mg THC
  • Raspberry Bear Bomb 150mg THC

Gummies from Faded Edibles

These gummies with their delightful flavors are perfect to satisfy your sweet tooth while getting you high on THC. All the Faded Edibles candies and gummy bears are made using the purest extracts from the best quality cannabis flowers. Each gummy contains 30mg THC and there are typically 6 gummies of consistent doses in a single pack that costs you $16. The special Party Pack and the Fruit Pack of assorted flavors will cost you $22 and contain 8 gummies of 30mg THC in each pack.

  • Rainbow Sherbet 180mg THC
  • Cherry Bombs 180mg THC
  • Peach Drops 180mg THC
  • Berry Blue Raspberry 180mg THC
  • Fizzy Colas 180mg THC
  • Wild Watermelon 180mg THC
  • Sour Suckers 180mg THC
  • Grape Crush 180mg THC
  • Fruit Pack 240mg THC
  • Party Pack 240mg THC
  • Grapefruit Bursts 150mg CBD (25mg each gummy)

Gummies from Mystic Edibles

These gummy packs containing 6x25mg THC gummies will cost you only $18 each.

  • Watermelon Sours 150mg THC
  • Cola Blast 150mg THC
  • Gummy Bears 150mg THC

Gummies from Astronaut Edibles

A single pack of Astros Gummy Stars contain two 50mg THC gummies and costs $20.

  • Strawberry Banana Astro Stars 100mg THC
  • Pink Lemonade Astro Stars 100mg THC
  • Strawberry Kiwi Astro Stars 100mg THC
  • Other top-class THC gummies
  • Guava Gummies (10x20mg THC) by Bliss Edibles, $22 each pack.
  • Pineapple Gummies 200mg THC (10x20mg THC) by Bliss Edibles, $22 each pack.
  • Shipwreck Edibles (15x10mg) THC gummies, $13 each pack.
  • Aura Gummy Bears (6x25mg THC), $15 each pack.

All of the gummies in our list are available on the website of The Green Ace. Buy edible gummies of your choice from this premium online weed dispensary and get some highly attractive reward points. They offer an excellent mail order service which will ensure that your orders are safely and discreetly delivered to your doorstep. What are you waiting for? Go grab the best THC gummies at totally affordable prices right now!

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