For a number of marijuana industry experts, the glasslike cannabis concentrate, bright amber or dark yellow in colour, is the future. Shatter is undoubtedly the most potent among various cannabis extracts available in the market. In recent times, more and more Canadians, especially the advanced marijuana users, are turning to this trendy cannabis concentrate for a faster and stronger high.

Nowadays, many weed dispensaries in Canada sell a variety of top-class shatters and dab rings, torches or vape pens needed to consume the concentrate. If you are looking for a concentrate that is at least 5 times more potent than regular cannabis flowers, here is one of the best shatter deals for you. Choose any of the products listed below and get super high!

What is shatter? How is it different from other cannabis concentrates?

Before we go into the details of the best shatter deals for you, let us first understand what shatter actually is and how it is different from other types of cannabis concentrates available in the market. Shatter is a type of cannabis waxthat is usually extracted by blasting the cannabis flowers with a chemical solvent. Typically a hydrocarbon solvent like butane or propane is used. If properly processed, shatter looks like amber or dark yellow colored glass, brittle and translucent. Normally, the shatters have insanely high levels of THC or tetrahydrocannabinol – the main psychoactive component in marijuana that gives you the typical cerebral high. A top-graded shatter can have a THC content of about 70-90%, even more than that. While shatters are normally THC-heavy, many reputed concentrate manufactures are nowadays making high CBD-low THC shatters for medical patients.

Best shatter deals online

There are now some top quality shatters available online. Among all the reputed online weed dispensaries selling various cannabis concentrates in Canada, The Green Ace is certainly a brand to reckon with. This mail order marijuana services have some of the best shatter deals for their customers. All the shatters listed on their website are from A-graded cannabis concentrate makers and the prices are totally affordable. Let’s see what The Green Ace is actually offering.

  • Elite Elevation Premium Shatters

The first product in the carefully curated list of shatters on The Green Ace website is from the Elite Elevation. One of the leading cannabis concentrate manufacturers of the world, they use only organic solvents to extract the shatter. The product is vacuum cleaned twice so that all unnecessary elements can be purged from the shatter. Only strain-specific buds of Silver Haze, Godfather OG, White Castle, White Death, Sunset Sherbet and Red Congolese from reputed growers of British Columbia are used to make Elite Elevation Premium Shatters which taste and smell awesome. Ideal for vaping or dabbing, Elite Elevation shatters will give you a smooth buzz. The price is absolutely fair: 1g of this premium quality shatter will cost you only $35.

  • Black Widow Shatter by The Green Samurai

This top-class shatter from the Green Samurai is extracted from the best quality flowers of the sativa-dominant (70% sativa, 30% indica) Black Widow strain. It has a high THC content that goes up to 74%. Due to the genetic structure of the parent strain and the extremely high THC level, this shatter will give you a strong cerebral high and a highly euphoric, happy mood. This makes it very useful for the patients suffering from chronic depression, mood-swings, stress, arthritis, pains, muscle spasms, headaches and other medical conditions. Black Widow shatter has a unique aromatic profile that combines both fruity as well as skunky smells. Taste-wise, it has a nutty, sweet and woody flavor. Available in 1g, 2g or 7g packages, this AAAA-graded shatter will cost you $28-$155 depending on the quantity.

  • Faded Extract Shatters

The Green Ace has 4 varieties or strains of the extremely popular Faded Extract Shatters – God’s Gift (indica-dominant), Lemon Haze (sativa-dominant), Ice Wreck (balanced hybrid) and Death Star (indica-dominant). All of these strain-specific shatters are rich in amazing flavors and aromas. These are pure, BHO-extracted shatters that have very high THC contents. 1g of any Faded Extracts shatter costs you $45 on The Green Ace website. 

  • Watermelon Shatter by The Green Samurai

This AAAA-graded shatter extracted from the indica-dominant Watermelon strain will cost you $28 for 1g and $50 for 2g. This is an extremely potent cannabis concentrate with a THC content of about 79% and only 1%-2% CBD in it. The shatter smells like a mix of tropical fruits and pungent scents. It has a peculiar herbal, fruity and grape-like taste. Very useful for those suffering from anxiety, depression, stress, insomnia, pain or appetite loss, this shatter will provide extreme relaxation as well as a serene and uplifted mood.

  • Blackberry OG Shatter by The Green Samurai

Another AAAA-graded shatter manufactured by the leading concentrate maker The Green Samurai, Blackberry OG shatter has an indica-dominant phenotype from its parental strain. It has a THC content of about 74% and a typical sweet, fruity smell resembling blueberries. The shatter leaves a fruity and spicy aftertaste when used in a dab ring or vaped. Available in 1g, 2g or 7g packs, it will cost you from $28 to $155. 

This is an indica-dominant shatter with a THC content of around 70-71% and less than 1% CBD. Also AAAA-graded, it has an aromatic profile that is earthy, sweet and spicy with a clear hint of berries and other fruity scents. It also tastes like a mix of piney, woody, fruity and berry-like flavors. 1g of this shatter is available in $28 while the 2g and the 7g packs will cost $50 and $155 respectively.     

  • God Bud Shatter by The Green Samurai

Like all other shatter from The Green Samurai sold on The Green Ace website, God Bud shatter is also AAAA-graded. This shatter has an earthy, tropical scent and a unique herbal, musky flavor. God Bud shatter will give you an extremely euphoric high and increased creative energy followed by an overwhelming full-body relaxation. 

All of these top-graded shatters are extremely potent, therefore you’ll need very little of them to get super high. Order any of these best shatter deals offered by The Green Ace, use it judiciously to get the best marijuana highs!