A few years ago, Canada legalized the use of cannabis for people with some regulations, but that encouraged people to consume and do experiments with what they want to do. 

Mainly, weed is something that was primarily used for medical purposes only, but nowadays, weed is also used for recreational purposes by people. Weed is an expensive substance, and dispensaries that sell weed in Canada often compromise quality to sustain the demand for cheap weed. 

The online market is filled with different dispensaries, but the question is whom to trust. The Green Ace offers to buy cheap weed online in Canada.

Here, we will discuss the variety of cheap weed with excellent quality the Green Ace offers.

Diversity in CheapWeed Varieties  



  • Short plants with broader leaves.
  • In comparison to sativa, the CBD and THC ratio is higher.
  • Sedative and relaxing effects.
  • Suitable consumption time is at night.

Popular Indica  strains

  • Granddaddy Purple is known for its dark purple tone and effect as a relaxant.
  • Northern Light is Famous for its sweet and salty aroma and tranquilizing effects.
  • OG Kush: A classic strain that is a combination of feelings like enthusiasm and relaxation.

Here are some Indica dominant strains offered by The Green Ace:

Pink Death Smalls (AAAA)

Pink Death, a potent Indica-dominant strain, is the harmonious offspring of Death Star and Blood Rose. 

With its sleep-inducing euphoria, it’s ideal for managing pain and insomnia.

Properly cured, Pink Death emanates a spicy aroma with peppery and ginger notes, grounded by an earthy base. 

Despite its pungency, the strain offers a discreet solution for those seeking relief from life’s daily challenges. 

Embrace the smooth feeling of Pink Death.

Platinum Huckleberry (AAA+)

Platinum Huckleberry is a delightful creation from the union of Platinum Girl Scout Cookies and Huckleberry Flower.  

Entices cannabis enthusiasts with its captivating blend of soft berries, mint, and pine. 

This strain delivers a euphoric rush to the brain, leading to a soothing full-body couchlock. 

With its spicy piney mint aroma and a flavor profile featuring berry blast and vanilla, this strain has rightfully earned its place among the most sought-after varieties in the cannabis community.



  • Tall and thin plant with narrow leaves.
  • Levels of THC are way more than CBD.
  • Uplifting and energizing effects.
  • It Is to be used in the daytime.

Popular Sativa Strains:

  • Sour Diesel: It is known for its revitalizing effects and diesel aroma.
  • Jack Herer: Jack Herer is named after one of the cannabis activists, it feels blissful and offers a clear-headed experience.
  • Durban Poison: The origin of this strain is South Africa. It is famous for its sweet aroma and uplifting effects.

Island Honey (AA+)

Island Honey, a sativa-dominant hybrid born from Jack Herer and Early Pearl, embodies the essence of sweet, sun-soaked relaxation. 

Its sugary taste complements a fuzzy, euphoric high—ideal for sunny beach days. It fosters mental clarity while delivering profound physical relaxation With a touch of energizing vibes.

Island Honey stands out by boasting a sweet honey-citrus flavour with hints of creaminess. 

Enjoy the therapeutic benefits, as its 13-19% THC content aids in alleviating stress, PTSD, depression, Bipolar Disorder, chronic fatigue, and anxiety, making it a delightful escape to blissful tranquillity.

Gorilla Cockies (AAA+)

Gorilla Cookies, a Sativa-dominant strain, delivers a powerful punch with its Thin Mint Girl Scout and Gorilla Glue blend. 

Boasting a THC level exceeding 21%, this strain offers intense euphoria and creativity. 

With a spicy, sweet, and minty herbal flavour accompanied by an earthy aroma, Gorilla Cookies provides a full-bodied experience. 

Highly praised for its potential to alleviate conditions like nausea, depression, and chronic pain, this strain offers a delightful journey into relaxation without inducing sedation.


Hybrid strains are developed to combine the properties of both sativa and indica plants. Usually, hybrids also have 3 types: Sativa Dominant, Indica dominant, or it will be a balanced hybrid.

Sativa-dominant Hybrids:

  • Blue Dream is a type that offers a balance of relaxation and cerebral stimulation.
  • The Green Crack is Known for its energizing effects and fruity flavour.

Indica-Dominant Hybrids:

  • Girl Scout Cookies are an Indica-dominant type that Combines euphoria with deep relaxation.
  • Wedding Cake has a sweet vanilla flavour. It also projects calming effects.

Balanced Hybrids:

  • Harlequin is one of the balanced hybrids known for its balanced CBD-to-THC ratio, making it suitable for various needs.
  • Cannatonic is a high CBD strain with mild psychoactive effects.

Ice Wine (AAA+)

Experience the magnificent aura of Ice Wine, an exclusive hybrid marvel meticulously crafted by Terra Firma Exclusives. 

Crossing Pimp Slap with (Oregon Grapes x 1988 G13 HashPlant) resulted in a caked, flavour-packed bud that stands out in the cannabis world. 

Indulge in its dense, stress-relieving embrace after a demanding day. Its dominance over energy and calmness, relief for anxiety, chronic pain, stress, and sleeplessness will indeed affect you.

Funky Charms (AAA+)

Funky Charms is an extraordinary strain born from the union of Grease Monkey and Rainbow Chip. 

With an impressive lineage featuring Sour Diesel, GSC, GG#4, and Jack Herer, it promises a potent experience. 

The funky aroma is a captivating mix of diesel fuel, sage, citrus, and mint, complemented by subtle notes of chocolate and vanilla. 

A delightfully sweet and minty-citrus taste leaves a lingering, spicy-sage aftertaste behind. 


Canada is becoming a hub of weed lovers after the government took a considerable step to legalize it a few years ago. 

Usually, in the world, cannabis is banned. If available, people find trouble getting good quality, but the dispensary of The Green Ace has brought you to buy cheap weed online in Canada with remarkable quality.

Cannabis is as beneficial for the body and could be dangerous also if not used with caution. We discussed how cannabis has a wide variety, and The Green Ace is here to provide those varieties.