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This chocolate bar is produced from luscious dark chocolate and a hint of sea salt. What a great combination of flavor, sweet and salty. This bar is divided into 4 squares. These psilocybin-infused chocolates are practical due to their easy dose of nature. Having both flavor and potency, this allows for an adaptable procedure for micro-dosing or just for plain fun. Our chocolate bars consist of Golden Teacher mushroom that is famous for their stable trip and is generally used by newbies. Because of their spiritual and shamanic effect, they are generally used for obtaining insight about yourself and the universe.

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This treat can be broken into 4 small pieces x 750mg per square, summing up to 3000mg per chocolate bar.

Suggested dosage:
For beginners — half a square to one square
Psychonauts — 1-3 squares

Note: Please wait 45 minutes for the effects to kick in before taking in a second dose/increasing the dosage. Store in a cool place or store in a freezer indefinitely to preserve shelf life to 1 year.

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