Lime 1:1 THC:CBD Gummies By Mikro (50MG THC: 50MG CBD) 100MG Total

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Worried about getting too high and not be able to function afterward? Worried that you might get too high and start experiencing paranoia and anxiety?

Do not fear, MIKRO is here to help you find your limit to achieve the perfect dose.

20 Pieces x 5MG/Piece

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MIKRO makes it easier for you to measure the ideal dose for your perfect cannabis experience. Take 1 to 2 pieces and prepare to get the best high of your life. Indulge in all cannabis’ recreational and stress-relieving benefits as these treats are infused with all-natural flavors.

Our treats will provide you with the same exact effect, each time.

To help everyday consumers to have constant, beneficial experience each time they use cannabis.


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