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Aside from providing a strong flavor and an exquisite terpene profile, Elite Elevation’s live resin also provides an intense psychoactive and full-spectrum experience between the relationship of specific terpenes with cannabinoids like THC and CBD. Buy GMO Cookies Live Resin By Elite Elevation Concentrates at The Green Ace online dispensary in Canada at the lowest price.

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Live resin is a form of cannabis concentrate that is created using methods that require freshly cropped cannabis that is frozen to subzero temperatures prior to extraction. Specifically, the buds used for live resin cannot be cured, as the curing and drying process allows for the degradation of many precious terpenes and cannabinoids. This creates an end product or concentrate that retains the true terpene profile of each individual strain, preserving the original flavours and aromas associated with each strain or phenotype. Elite Elevation offers live resin as one of their AAAA+ top of the line concentrates that range from shatter, Terp Diamonds and even straight up Terp Sauce.

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