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Elite Elevation 1:1 Phoenix Tears 250mg THC:250mg CBD

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Product Information:
1 oral syringe contains 1g (1ml) of Phoenix Tears.
250mg THC & 250mg CBD

Solvent Free *Lab Tested*

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Directions: Start with a drop half the size of a grain of rice, two or three times a day. Gradually, increase dosage at a rate no higher then 0.5 mg of main active ingredient (THC or CBD) per pound of body weight in order to avoid experiencing side effects (drowsiness, impaired motor skills, euphoria and/or anxiety). Also, high dose regimens typically used for instances involving serious pain, sleep disorders, cancer and/or epilepsy tend to be within 1mg to 2mg of main active ingredient per pound of body weight per day.

*It is not recommended to use any cannabis products for rectal application. Anyone using them in this way does so at their own risk.*

Reviews (2)

2 reviews for Elite Elevation 1:1 Phoenix Tears 250mg THC:250mg CBD

  1. steve.frank

    steve.frank (verified owner)

    Very good product for sleeping. Be careful when you dose it.

  2. Leesutton

    Leesutton (verified owner)

    Me and my husband enjoyed it, to the point he has requested I order more.

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