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Blue Dream – Sativa Dominant Hybrid

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Name: Blue Dream
Grade: AA
Category: Flower / Hybrid
Type: 60% Sativa / 40% Indica
THC Content: 17% – 24% THC
CBD Content: 1% – 3% CBD
Flavors: Berry, Blueberry, Fruity, Herbal, Sweet, Vanilla
Aromas: Earthy, Fruity, Sweet, Vanilla
What to expect: Creative, Energizing, Euphoria, Happy
Recommended use: Afternoon
Known to help with: ADD/ADHD, Anxiety, Autism, Bipolar Disorder, Chronic Pain, Depression, Headaches, Inflammation, Nausea, PTSD, Stress

Originating in California, Blue Dream is a Sativa Dominant Hybrid, which has attained its legendary status among the West Coast strains. A cross between Haze and Blueberry, this strain provides a gentle cerebral invigoration and balances a full-body relaxation. The effects of the Blue dream ease you gently into a calm euphoria which is why novice and veteran consumers enjoy this strain a lot.

With its sweet berry scent reeking of its blueberry parent, the blue dream provides a quick symptom relief without having the heavy sedative effects. Because of this, it makes this strain a well-known daytime medicine for patients experiencing pain, depression, nausea, and other ailments that require THC strain.

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Originally developed in California, the Blue Dream – Sativa Dominant Hybrid AA is a Sativa dominant strain that produces a cerebral high with a well-balanced bud and full-body. The TCH content of this strain averages at 21% and provides lasting relief without the heavy sedation effect. The blue dream makes an insanely strong strain because its bud has both a Sativa and Indica effect. Its green nugs are large and thick with amber hairs and sticky white trichomes. It tastes like sugary sweet blueberries.

Blue dream takes immediate effect from your first exhale and the high from this strain has a strong cerebral high that leaves you focused and opens your mind. Your creativity awakens as you inhale further and you begin to feel inspired to get something done. A calm relaxing body follows this leaving you pain-free. This strain is suitable for treating medical conditions such as chronic pain, depression, and sleep disorders.

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Reviews (7)

7 reviews for Blue Dream – Sativa Dominant Hybrid

  1. Void420

    Void420 (verified owner)

    Beautiful strain. Energizing creative, euphoric high without the sedation. One of my favourite strains from thegreenace so far 🙂

  2. GoreFlex_

    GoreFlex_ (verified owner)

    Great Strain for Daytime to Evening time.

    Very balanced, the high has a subtle body effect that feels quite relaxing and soothing, leaving you utterly pain-free. It starts off with an Euphoric effect that slowly intensifies into a powerful cerebral high, leaving you very focused and motivated. It tends to help enhancing my creativity as well. Almost no fall-off, sedation or couch-lock with this one, more like a hazy sensation of drifting off into your inner thoughts.

    In terms of flavors: Sugary sweet blueberry

    Aromas are Earthy, Sweet and Berry-like

    Great buy. Beautiful smoke and quite potent as well. Definitely worth it’s AAA+ rating.

  3. J2050

    J2050 (verified owner)

    I love this strain my favorite great hight good smell and strong effect

  4. Wright1@

    Wright1@ (verified owner)

    An all time favorite of mine never disappoints and this batch is one of the tastiest I’ve got so far from the great “Green Ace” !
    Like fresh Blueberries covered with icing sugar that has a nice chemical taste on the end which is just nice . I just don’t know how to explain it but you just want more! The smell is intense and equally as potent. Very strong euphoria with an energizing, uplifting and creative rush that just makes the lips tingle and the mind soar for some time before you come down nice and slow! Super excellent strain, don’t think this will last long, I’ll definitely give this one 3 thumbs “Way UP” !!! Great anytime of the day!

  5. Leafs123

    Leafs123 (verified owner)

    Amazing stuff. Great taste and great high. Nice buds

  6. Wright1@

    Wright1@ (verified owner)

    Same great experience as the first time, tasty, euphoric and energetic and also relaxing at the same time. Great stuff!

  7. jaredrl

    jaredrl (verified owner)

    One of the better AA Blue Dream’s I’ve had and I’ve had a lot.

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