Euphoria Psychedelics Milk Chocolate 3000MG

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These edibles made by Euphoria Psychedelics are a convenient and tasty way of enjoying psilocybin mushrooms and dosing can be personalized based on your experience. These treats are infused with Golden Teacher mushrooms which are considered a famous strain of magic mushroom because of their potent and stable trip.

A bar of chocolate can be broken into 12 single servings making it ideal for those who like to micro-dose. But if you are into moderate doses then you can just eat the whole bar.

10-40 minutes after you have consumed a piece of this treat, you will notice that your mood has been enhanced with excitement and pure bliss. The visual enhancement that you will experience will depend on your dosage and will vary from mild to intense. You will also notice that things around you start being animated, the nature that surrounds you becomes more lively, you can also find yourself in a meditative state. You will have a personal connection with music and art and will show how highly you appreciate this.

Keep out of reach of children under the age of 19.

Dose carefully and enjoy!

Dosage: 3000mg

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