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Charas Hash

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Charas are a form of hashish that have been appreciated and cultivated in Nepal and the surrounding regions for thousands and thousands of years. The cultivators carefully separate THC trichomes from other unwanted plant matter such as hairs or pistils to create a greatly concentrated end-product. Often hand-made, Charas Hash require over 20 hours of meticulous, hard-work of hand-collecting even before the curing process. The patient process of curing these hash requires weeks of time, allowing for smooth and robust flavour profile and deeper, more potent high.

Charas Hash are reminiscent of pure, imported hashish from pre-1990s, and pack a potent punch. Because of the careful and meticulous process that collects the most resinous trichomes with less plant matter as possible, Charas Hash is extremely high in THC and can contain upwards of 55%-80% on average, with some sources reporting that it also contains higher than average levels of CBD! Sourced from regional strains such as Kerala Gold, Malana Cream and other local landrace strains, Charas Hash from this region is known for its pleasant and hearty aroma and flavour profile. The deep aroma of Charas Hash are known for their striking earthy base, with notes of a dry cedar-like woodiness and a mellow, creamy undertones.

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Reviews (7)

7 reviews for Charas Hash

  1. Alainbeau

    Alainbeau (verified owner)

    Order 1oz and will order more killer stuff good buzz and taste thank you

  2. Alainbeau

    Alainbeau (verified owner)

    3 IEM fois je commande 1 Oz très bon hash qualité prix super deal bon goût et le buzz incroyable long et relax des heures

  3. carpnewfie

    carpnewfie (verified owner)

    Very sticky and gummy and it doesn’t crumble at all even when heated so not good for rolling joints. I wish I had known that before buying it.

  4. alain.robitaille

    alain.robitaille (verified owner)

    Bon hash pour fumer à l’aiguille, pipe, au couteau, en joints, c’est plus compliqué mais ça marche pareil. Les effets sont simplement ben correct…..surtout au couteau.

  5. pierre.galarneau

    pierre.galarneau (verified owner)

    Sticky black hash good taste Nice buzz in a joint love it tanks

  6. joey.santas

    joey.santas (verified owner)

    beautiful, nice flavor, very easy to use. crumbles nicely. some of the best hash at that price point, I will be buying more

  7. HashHound

    HashHound (verified owner)

    Pretty good hash at a great price.Big head stone… great for bedtime.

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