With the legalization of recreational marijuana in so many states of the US and Canada, a vast section of the North American popular are living in states where cannabis can be procured legally from a weed shop. The legalization of cannabis has not only prompted growers to experiment with new strains but has also led to the manufacture of several cool weed accessories and gadgets which can be brought online or from one of the cannabis stores in your neighborhood. If you are looking forward to smoking in style and ease while impressing your weed enthusiast friends then make sure to check out this list of best weed accessories for 2020.


Available in 5 bright colors, these stoner’s ashtray is a simple solution to the bowl smoker’s most common issue- how to clean the bowl after a smoke. Suitable for glass, metal, wood, ceramic or even bone pipes, the Kashtray is a neat little functional device that offers an in-built poker for cleaning your bowls.

Cannassist Vitamin Supplement

A vitamin supplement meant for marijuana users, this multivitamin has been specially created to increase energy, enhance mood and brain functions, and prevent illnesses. It reduces the negative effects of cannabis and helps in appetite control thus preventing you from overeating junk food after a smoke. If you are a health junkie who cannot give up the temptation of weed, consider buying a pack.

Weed Butter Machine

Created by Magical Butter, this cannabis butter machine is indeed a supercool weed accessory allows you to create weed infused butters, oils and even tinctures with just a few clicks. It goes without saying that the potency of the butter you make is entirely dependent on the potency of the marijuana. One of the best parts about this machine is the way in which it eliminates any strong odors during the process.

Cannabis odor removing set

This item can be particularly handy for people who live next door to nosy neighbors. The odor eliminating spray and candle come with a subtle minty fragrance that easily does away with any odor of smoke in your room!

 Honey bear dab rig and bong

This cute little smoking device in the form of a brown bear is sure to brighten up your day. The bear bottle shaped rig includes a fixed joint attached to a classic 1-hole downstem.

Higher Standards Glass Filter Tips

Refine your smoking experience by getting rid of the tar and burning lips which invariably accompanies joint smoking. The glass keeps your lips from burning while providing a safe distance between your lips and the heat source.

Bong Appetit

This cannabis cookbook with 64 ‘high’ end recipes would make your food trip at the end of a smoking session even trippier!

Ganjaland- An Epic Weed Adventure

This board game with 157 cards and eight character pieces is a game meant for stoners will keep you away from the TV screen after a smoke.

Hex Grinder

A must-have accessory for any smoker, this rose gold plated grinder is held together by powerful magnets. The Hex Grinder will sure crush your buds with ease and style.

Summerland Pleasure Point Bong

This neat little bong made out of ceramic includes a silicone grommet for an absolutely clean toke every time. This hand-made bong is a work of art that is available in five different materials and finishes.

Gold Rolling Papers

If you are looking forward to adding a dash of bling to your smoking accessories then go for these solid gold rolling papers which will make your joint look like a golden spliff!

Skunk Backpack

This little smell-proof backpack available on Amazon will come real handy when you are on the go with the stinkiest stash on you.

Smart Grinder Rolling Machine

This rolling machine brought to you by OTTO will make your smoking routine more hassle-free by doing the entire job on its own! Just hit a button and the OTTO will grind your buds and create a neat spliff for you within just a few seconds!

Bamboo Magnet Foldable Tray by RAW

This bamboo tray which comes with several compartments to safely hold all your smoking paraphernalia can be neatly folded into a small box. It even includes a built-in ashtray while the lovely bamboo craftsmanship is sure to impress your stoner friends.

 iHit for iPhone

Wondering how to smuggle some joints to the next concert you’ll be attending? Well, just buy one of these cool iPhone cases which come with a secret compartment for storing up to 5 joints! This ultimate party phone case can be used during concerts, hiking, festivals or any other outdoor activities.

Jonathan Adler Weed Canister

If you are a fan of cannabis edibles but don’t want them to lie around the house then go for this porcelain weed canister and keep it on your bedside for those late-night after-smoke cravings.

Green Jay E-Lighter

This flame-less and windproof lighter from Green Jay is just the right one for weed enthusiasts. Ideal for use at home or during your camping or hiking trip this combustion-free lighting device will light your joints in the greenest manner. Moreover, it includes a long-lasting rechargeable battery.

Levo II Infuser

Although a little pricey, this high-end infusing device is made for users who want to create their weed edibles right at home.

4 Strain Cannabis Humidor by Cannador

Store your weed properly and keep it fresh by getting yourself a humidor made out of solid wood. It comes for 4 compartments for holding ¼ oz of each of your strain.

Frost Pipe

The Frost Pipe is basically a mold that will allow you to create your very own customized ice pipe. Thinking of a way to impress your friends during your next BBQ party? Well, consider buying one of these!

If any of these above-mentioned weed accessories catch your fancy then make sure to order online. However, if you want to inspect the item before placing an order, then you can always visit your nearest weed store, check them out and buy the one which suits your budget and taste.