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For those of you who don’t know how or don’t have the time to roll this is just for you! 1 Gram Joints! Only Use From AAA+ Or  AAAA buds by Gas Demon Flowers! Absolutely no shake.

Tom Ford Pink Kush is an indica dominant hybrid with a powerful body high that leaves consumers in a deep state of relaxation. It is famous for its beautiful buds which come in shades of dark blue, orange and pink. It has a sweet, delicious taste with a candy-like aroma laced with hints of perfume.

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The high brings an instant state of happiness and euphoria coupled with a rush of cerebral high, which doesn’t last very long. The rush soon subsides to a little, dream-like state where a mild episode of couch lock occurs.

With THC content as high as 25%, Tom Ford is useful for several medical conditions which include; chronic pain, insomnia, depression, anxiety and loss of appetite. It is, however, most prescribed for consumers who have insomnia and chronic pain.

Side effects include dry eyes and cottonmouth. It can also induce extreme migraines when taken in excess.

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1 review for Tom Ford – PREROLLS BY GAS DEMON (AAAA)

  1. abonina17


    I can attest that Tom Ford gives you total body relaxation! Great before sleep!

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