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Premium Shake King Louis XIII/Tom Ford Trims/Pink Kush/Death Bubba

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Buy Premium AAAA King Louis XIII/Tom Ford Trims/Pink Kush/Death Bubba

Premium AAAA King Louis XIII/Tom Ford Trims/Pink Kush/Death Bubba high-end product from Green Ace is perfect for house parties and get-togethers that you’ve been planning! This is a combination of premium trims from Death Bubba, El Jefe, Fire OG, King Louis, Pink Kush, Tom Ford, and Muerte. A promising combination is refined well, separating the stems and finely grounded, making it ready for rolling or oil infusion.

You can easily distinguish unique aspects of each strain, from the rich nugs of King XIII to the body effects of El Jefe. This is a perfect choice for evening use, either rolling up joints or making edibles.

Novice smokers should take caution in taking up this mix as it can leave them with chronic headaches and hallucinations. Just remember to bring cold water with you!

Reviews (30)

30 reviews for Premium Shake King Louis XIII/Tom Ford Trims/Pink Kush/Death Bubba

  1. christine.thomson


    Definitely an Interesting product. Got a fair amount of extract from it and definitely worth the 50 dollar purchase.

  2. miguel.valade

    miguel.valade (verified owner)

    This is definitely the perfect blend to boost your joint instead of putting tobacco without compromising the taste of your joints. It’s also perfect to make cannabutter, I took 14g to make my butter, I’m surprise how potent it become, and the smell was incredible in the house !!!!
    King louis brownies are perfect for quarantine!!!!!

  3. soniatimi65

    soniatimi65 (verified owner)

    Tres bon pour pour le prix sa vaut la peine je vais surement en racheter bientot

  4. soniatimi65

    soniatimi65 (verified owner)

    Très bon Shake le meilleur que j’ai essayer a date parfait comme buzz

  5. evan.wiseman

    evan.wiseman (verified owner)



    THICCGFIELD (verified owner)

    I recommend making edibles with it.

  7. angela.doggett

    angela.doggett (verified owner)

    It makes awesome brownies and cookies, nice buzz. U can smoke it, doesn’t have the best taste, does give a buzz

  8. bunbun

    bunbun (verified owner)

    Much better quality and finer, easier to work with than the normal shake I buy, does make some good butter!

  9. GoreFlex_

    GoreFlex_ (verified owner)

    Definitive buy! A perfect blend to boost your joint, instead of tobacco, without compromising the taste. Also makes great Budder that is perfect to cook Quad Brownies!

  10. laura.chorney

    laura.chorney (verified owner)

    Wow!! Love the kick in the edibles I made with this trim. Great product. Nice clean no unwanted materials.

  11. Coco

    Coco (verified owner)

    Super bonne trim le goût et le buz

  12. Jonathan Jasmin (verified owner)

    Really impressed about the quality of that trim and its same about all i get from TGA so lets say tanks to all that team ! Fast and top quality products and customer care service !

  13. charlie.kogvik

    charlie.kogvik (verified owner)

    Great for rolling, and fast shipping for the green ace

  14. marco_beltrami

    marco_beltrami (verified owner)

    Always finish an order with a bag or three of this trim. Too good a deal to pass up.

  15. trevor.bear

    trevor.bear (verified owner)

    Really good product

  16. wynonatara

    wynonatara (verified owner)

    10/10. Nice and fine plus a fair amount.

  17. Potsmoke

    Potsmoke (verified owner)

    It’s really good to make oil or even just to smoke
    Deff will be buying again

  18. kelly.odo

    kelly.odo (verified owner)

    This was actually really good stuff and fast I received my package in a fee days and I am on the other side of Canada I would recommend this for sure

  19. Huffnagal

    Huffnagal (verified owner)

    Will buy again good for my backing

  20. madmon140

    madmon140 (verified owner)

    Beautiful product. Have gotten many times and will continue to purchase. Nice smoke as well as nice for making goodies.

  21. lcj22

    lcj22 (verified owner)

    For the price you cannot beat a bag of this trim. I have not cooked with it, but it smokes well, and the buzz lasts. Works for me!!

  22. treenadawn

    treenadawn (verified owner)

    I started with an ounce to try and I was super impressed. Really good quality! Great to bake with and roll! I think I will buy a bag with every order!

  23. daniel.houle

    daniel.houle (verified owner)

    tres bon pour ma recette

  24. steph.watts

    steph.watts (verified owner)

    Got an OZ. Very fine, Few stems, works nicely for rolling one or two, but really great for making butter. Nice even high.

  25. ashley.chevarie

    ashley.chevarie (verified owner)

    Great product and well worth the $50

  26. josiane.beaulieu

    josiane.beaulieu (verified owner)

    100% satisfaite

  27. josiane.beaulieu

    josiane.beaulieu (verified owner)

    Very grenat product

  28. soniatimi65

    soniatimi65 (verified owner)

    Très bon shake bon a fumer très bon buzz

  29. claudia.teasdale

    claudia.teasdale (verified owner)

    Bon weed et vraiment pas cher

  30. Sunshine1980

    Sunshine1980 (verified owner)

    Excellent produit !

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