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Mayan Sun God Hash

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Mayan Stamp Hash is a true domestic hash produced with AAA+ cannabis flowers grown directly in Beautiful British Columbia. This dense and intense hash differs from traditional hash – its’ made using freshly harvested and frozen THC trichomes sourced from various indica strains grown throughout BC which are then pressed with subtle heat and tremendous pressure creating a dense brick of hashish with a longer than average shelf life. Once these beautiful bricks are pressed, they’re stamped with a seal of approval in the form of the Mayan God Kinich Ahau, who fittingly represents light, time and heat. From there, the hash is cured in dark, optimal temperatures where the natural terpenes of different indica cannabis strains develop and enhance. The aroma and flavour of Mayan Stamp Hash is likened to that of OG Kush, or El Jefe – prominent notes of cedar wood, pine, and a slightly nutty spiciness combine to create a unique profile that’ll suit the tastes of any hash connoisseur.

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Reviews (4)

4 reviews for Mayan Sun God Hash

  1. francois.morel

    Francois Morel (verified owner)

    Good hash comes nicely presented, like a big cookie! Great for relaxing

  2. stracey457

    stracey457 (verified owner)

    Love this hash!

  3. Shadow

    Shadow (verified owner)

    I have been smoking hashish for over 35 years. Good stuff, bad stuff and everything in between. This hash was not my cup of tea. It does everything a good hash should do, I just personally didn’t like the heavy spice taste. My friend loved it! It’s just preference in taste, I certainly got high!

  4. steven.lovell

    Steven Lovell (verified owner)

    Smokes nice and smooth, very good product.

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