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mix and match strains

Mix and match Sativa and Indica strains have become a catchphrase in the cannabis community and blending two different strains is presently a rather common way of consuming marijuana. Combining two or more cannabis strains can indeed be a positive experience since the canabinoid and terpene profiles of each strain mix together to produce a unique experience.

No matter if you have very small quantities of two strains left or you are looking forward to a whole new experience, mixing different strains together can help you customize the high and the flavour while opening up a whole new world of experience for the hardened stoners. Moreover, mixing different strains of Sativa, Indica or Hybrids can also allow you to address your specific medical conditions or health requirements.

The main reason which prompts users to mix weed strains is the urge to experience a new kind of high or the desire to experience specific effects. Blending more than one strain allows the user to experience what is known in the weed community as the ‘entourage effect’.

Mix and match strains

What is the entourage effect?

It was in 1998 that Dr. Raphael Mechoulam, the renowned organic chemist and professor of Medicinal Chemistry from Israel discovered that the joint effects of combined cannabinoids can produce a distinct and stronger effect than just a single and isolated compound. The entourage effect also comes because of the inclusion of flavonoids and terpenes which result in a range of aroma and flavour of marijuana. Different strains give you different effects primarily due to this entourage effect. This clearly explains how cannabinoids act in synergy to create the medical and psychoactive effects of marijuana. It goes without saying that when you mix them in different proportions, the chemical compounds will act in a different way. Therefore, the combinations are effectively endless since there are over 100 registered cannabinoids.

Why do you need to mix cannabis strains?

Mix and match strains come with altered aroma and flavour which allows the user to create unique flavours that better suit their taste and requirements. Combining strains together not only heightens the experience but also enhances the medicinal values of cannabis. Even as early as the 1960’s, researchers came to the conclusion that the cannabinoids like CBD and THC couldn’t be properly made use of unless they were taken together with other terpenes and cannabiboids. The consumption of different cannabinoids at the same time allows them to work together in tandem thereby producing effects that are totally different from the ones produced by consuming a particular strain containing isolated cannabinoids like THC and CBD.

What is the difference between regular strains and mix and match strains?

When you mix two weed strains, you’re not only making the most of the various cannabinoids present in each of those strains but also taking advantage of how the two buds will work together. Therefore, the proportion of each strain present in a joint is surely going to create a difference in the effect. Many users claim that you get a better high when you mix two killer strains. However, you need to keep in mind that people also mix strains for the sole purpose of toning down a particularly strong strain. They do it by mixing it with a lighter bud for obtaining a high which is pleasant but not couch-locking or mind-numbing. Many of us prefer to lighten a regular indica strain by mixing it with a lighter one before going out for work instead of rolling a thinner joint or packing a smaller bowl. A proper smoke can indeed be satisfying why is why most smokers don’t like the idea of taking just a few drags.

Advantages of mix and match strains:

The process of combining two cannabis strains or ‘making a salad’ is becoming increasingly popular among the cannabis community precisely because of the numerous benefits associated with the process.  Let’s take a quick look at how mixing cannabis strains can help you attain the perfect high along with all the desired effects.

  • Gives you a perfect high

Cannabis users generally use mix and match strains to alter the strength of their buzz. So if you are looking forward to an enhanced high with a perfectly balanced mind and body effect then consider mixing polar opposite strains like OG Kush and Sour Diesel. However, if you are not in the mood for a couch-locking high then mix your strain with a CBD heavy strain for a smooth and balanced high.

  • Tone down a super potent strain

Its already late at night and you have work tomorrow but still in the mood to smoke your favorite indica? Well consider mixing it with a CBD high or low THC strain so as to tone down the effects of your strong indica buds. This can be a good idea of getting a buzz on a busy day without feeling sleepy, zonked out or lethargic.

  • Customize your cannabis experience

As you all know by now, every strain comes with its unique cannabinoid profile which is responsible for the effects they produce. For example, sativa strains keep you happy and active while indica strains make you feel sedated. Blending two marijuana strains in varying proportions combines the terpenes and cannabinoids of the two strains to give you a unique buzz and a distinct flavour and aroma.

  • Enhanced entourage effect

The joint effects of combined cannabinoids present in marijuana strains (commonly known as the entourage effect) are extremely beneficial for patients suffering from a variety of ailments and mental health related issues. Mix and match strains augment the entourage effect thereby enhancing the healing potential of the strains you are consuming.

So the next time you visit your local weed store in Canada make sure to ask your bud-tender about the best strains to mix together. You can also take a quick look on the internet for the best mix and match strains or just experiment on your own by combining two different strains. Now it’s time for you to sit back and enjoy the effects!

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