In this article, we will discuss how to buy cheap weed online in detail.

There are several online weed order markets in Canada; each of which boasts on its line of products, especially the top-notch quality and high-grade products. However, not all Canadians have the budget to buy high-grade products, which are mostly expensive.

But the good thing is there are sales and promotions offered which of course attracts many buyers. This article will be reviewed about weed sales and promotions, how to buy cheap weed online, and the recommended cheap weed deals.

How to Buy Cheap Weed Online

When it comes to weed sales and promotions, The Green Ace has your back. It is easy to look and buy for cheap weed online through our official website:

We have a dedicated product section which is focused on our sales products and promotional products. Our deals let you enjoy a variety of high-grade marijuana strains for a low price.

Recommended Cheap Weed Deals

The Green Ace makes shopping for cheap weed easy. We have a dedicated section for our sale products and promotional products.

We boast that we offer what we call Mix and Match Deals on the list of our sale products. In these deals, you can select up to 4 different strains depending on the list available. If you have a favorite strain, you can also choose that strain twice for the package and then select other strains.

Mix and Match (7g x 4 – AAA). In this deal, we offer four kinds of AAA-grade strains with 7 grams each. Usually, 7 grams of our AAA-grade strains are priced at a range of $50-$60 depending on the type of strain. In this deal, you can have four different kinds of 7-gram strains for only $180! That’s about $20 off! You can choose any AAA-grade strain we have on our shop which includes:

We also offer these AAA/AAA+ grade strains in a larger pack. We call this the 2 Ounce Mix and Match Create your personalized deal from our AAA+ grade flower catalog. You can enjoy top-quality weed on a cost-effective pack. Choose four different kinds of strains at 14 grams each. This deal is available for only $340. Usually, 14g grams of our AAA/AAA+ grade strains are priced at $95. With this deal, you can save a whopping $40!

Quarter Pound Mix and Match Special. In this deal, you can select four different AAA/AAA+ grade ounce strains and combine them in one package. You can choose from:

  • Bubba OG
  • Zombie Kush (AAA Indica-dominant Hybrid)
  • Citrus Kush (AAA+ Indica-dominant Hybrid)
  • Blackberry Platinum (AAA Indica-dominant Hybrid)
  • McGrupp (AAA+ Indica-dominant Hybrid)

You can purchase this deal for only $450. Usually, the prices for 28 grams of the strains are $125 for McGrupp, $130 for Bubba OG and Zombie Kush, $150 for Blackberry Platinum, and $180 for Citrus Kush. You do the math and see for yourself how much you can save with this deal.

The strains listed in our Quarter Pound Mix and Match (except for the Citrus Kush) are also available in our Two Ounce Special Mix and Match. You can purchase this deal for only $240. Usually, the prices for 14 grams of the strains are $70 for Bubba OG, Zombie Kush, and McGrupp and $80 for Blackberry Platinum.

At The Green Ace, we also offer deals for AAAA grade strains. Our deals are called Canned Mix and Match Craft by Gas Demon (AAAA). You can select from these AAAA grade strains and create your personalized deal:

  • Grape Soda (AAAA Balanced Hybrid)
  • Purple Hulk (AAAA Balanced Hybrid)
  • Death Bubba (AAAA Indica-dominant Hybrid)
  • Sour Patch Kids (AAAA Indica-dominant Hybrid)
  • Do-Si-Dos (AAAA Balanced Hybrid)
  • Lemon Sour Diesel (AAAA Balanced Hybrid)
  • Space Queen (AAAA Balanced Hybrid)
  • Pink Rockstar (AAAA Balanced Hybrid)
  • Mandarin Cookies (AAAA Sativa-dominant Hybrid)
  • Strawberry & Cream (AAAA Balanced Hybrid)
  • Death Tuna (AAAA Balanced Hybrid)
  • Tom Ford Pink Kush (AAAA Indica-dominant Hybrid)
  • Purple Space Cookies (AAAA Balanced Hybrid)
  • Blackberry Cookies (AAAA Sativa-dominant Hybrid)
  • Gelato #33 (AAAA Indica-dominant Hybrid)
  • Lemon Skunk (AAAA Sativa-dominant Hybrid)
  • Girl’s Scout Cookies (AAAA Indica-dominant Hybrid)
  • Blue God (AAAA Indica)
  • Snoop Dogg OG (AAAA Indica-dominant Hybrid)

Usually, 7g of these AAAA grade strains range from $60 to $75, while the 14g price ranges from $120 to $140. With our AAAA promotional deals, you can create your personalized deal from these top-quality strains. The deal you can create can be:

  • 1 oz Mix and Match. You can select four different kinds of strain 7 grams each for only $250.
  • 2 oz Mix and Match. You can select four different kinds of strain, 14 grams each for only $500. But there is more! This deal is currently on sale! You can purchase this deal for only $470!
  • Quarter Pound Mix and Match. You can select eight different kinds of strain 14 grams each for only $950. Also, like the 2 oz Mix and Match, the Quarter Pound Mix and Match is currently on sale! You can purchase this deal for only $750! That is a massive saving of $200!

The Green Samurai Sampler. Enjoy the marvelous benefits of marijuana in a variety of ways. The Green Ace offers products coming from The Green Samurai, and we packed them in this excellent deal! For only $179.99 instead of $250, you can enjoy AAA/AAA+-grade flowers and The Green Samurai’s shatters and edibles in one package. It includes:

  • 28 grams of AAA/AAA+-grade flower picked by our staff
  • 1 gram of The Green Samurai Shatter
  • One pack of 150mg Gummy Bear candy


At The Green Ace, we provide safe and legal access to medical and recreational marijuana. We offer a wide selection of high-quality strains that include low-priced strain but of high-quality. Purchasing weed is easy; all you have to is browse our online shop, select the products you want to buy, and proceed to checkout.

Rest assured that we will handle your orders safely and discreetly and enjoy the marvelous healing benefits of marijuana at your home. Don’t forget to visit our website regularly, and you might catch on a deal that fits your budget.