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There are many factors that determine the effects of weed edibles. This article talks about the advantages of edibles, how to consume them properly and what to do if you overdose it.

We all know the benefits of cannabis both for health and recreational purposes. Novice cannabis users are not able to find the right method to consume it.

In short, smoking and edibles have their own advantages and disadvantages based on how you take it.

However you can’t avoid the negative effects of smoking. For medicinal purposes like to combat depression, anxiety and pain, cannabis edibles can be the right choice over smoking.

What are cannabis edibles?

Cannabis is available in many forms like tinctures, edibles, hash, resin, essential oils etc. The common way of consuming cannabis is through smoking. Generally smoking pose health risks, to avoid this other ways of consuming like edibles forms are now in the trend.

Currently, cannabis is legalized for public use and available in the following forms – beverages, brownies, candy, capsules, chocolates, condiments, cookies, frozen and snack foods.

Forms Of Edible Cannabis

Baked Goods: 

Cookies, brownies are the common baked goods. With cannabis oil, you can bake your own goodies.


Chocolates, gummy bears, lollipops are available in the market.


Normally these edibles have a mild dose of 5mg to 10 mg of THC.


Cannabis-infused soda, coffee, and beer can get you high too.

Having said, these weed edible forms are available in the online stores and many outlets in Canada. Read the labels carefully and check the THC content before you make a purchase. If you are new to cannabis, start with a lower dose of 10 mg. 

What Happens When You Take Weed Edibles?

When you smoke weed, it enters the bloodstream instantly while edibles take time. If you want an instant high or quick effects smoking can be an option. 

Edible cannabis has to be broken down by your digestive system and a metabolic process is required to produce the effects of marijuana.

When you take an edible, right after digestion process, it will reach the liver. The THC present in the marijuana will be converted to 11-OH-THC in the liver.

11-OH-THC can produce stronger effect than THC. This is the reason why you feel more high with the same amount of cannabis in edible form than smoking.

How Long Does The High Last?

You will feel high by consuming weed edibles between 4-12 hours. You should keep in mind that the effects can be felt only after 30 minutes to 2 hours after taking them.

As the edibles take at least 30 minutes to make a person feel high, new cannabis users take excess quantity without knowing the underlying fact.

The peak of effect will be felt between 2 to 4 hours after consuming the edibles.

There are many factors that affect the effect of edibles namely torelence, dosage, gender and metabolism.


If you are starting out with cannabis edibles, go for 10mg. As you are getting comfortable with the dose slowly increase the dose over a few days or even weeks.

If you take high amount of cannabis edible, the effects will last more than 12 hours and some even experience lingering effects for the next few days.

Another important thing to note is some edibles come with inaccurate labels. The amount of THC may be high or low than the mentioned levels in the label. To keep safe, start with a lower dose from the unfamiliar brands.


Metabolism is the process by which your body converts the food into energy. It also affects how long the edible lasts in your body.

For people with high metabolic rates, the cannabis edible effects will be short and vice versa. If your metabolism is slow, normally you tend to feel high for longer hours hence you should consider taking lower doses.


The effects vary from one person to others based on their tolerance. Often novice users feel more high than the regular marijuana users.

Edibles should be taken with moderation as overdose may result in unpleasant reactions.


Hydration and hunger also affect the high that marijuana produces. If you take marijana edibles when you have not eaten any food or dehydrated, you will experience intense high. 


Gender and size also plays a role in the effect of cannabis edibles. Women can get same high with less THC than men.  


It is recommended to avoid mixing marijuana and alcohol. If you take both at the same time it will result in overdose and get make you feel high for a long time. Also the effects cannot be predicted for mixed drugs. 

What To Do If You’ve Taken Too Much Weed Edibles

If someone takes too much marijuana by mistake then what steps should be taken to mitigate the effects? 

Though consuming too much of an edible cannabis is common, it produces undesired effects. 

If you take overdose of weed edibles do the following

  • Practice deep breathing for few times
  • Keep yourself distracted with activities like watching TV or music
  • Talk to your friend this will help you overcome paranoia
  • Go out and get some fresh air but it is not recommended to drive a car or a machinery
  • Sleeping will also help you reduce the effects

On the bright side, tell yourself that this too shall pass. Cannabis overdose is not lethal so wait till the effects fade away.

On the whole cannabis edibles should be taken in appropriate dose to avoid any side effects. How long do edibles last on a person vary from one to another. On an average the effects will last somewhere between 4 hours to 12 hours normally.

Gender, hunger, dose, metabolism of the user – are the factors that influence the effect of cannabis edibles. 

Remember, edibles take minimum 30 minutes to kick in, so do not take too much at a time.

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