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Best Ounce Deals on the Cannabis Market


Cannabis all around Canada are in demand right now, one of their strategies to make to-notch quality weeds cheaper is their ounce deals.

The Green Ace Ounce Deals

As the world realizes the importance of cannabis plants to the life of every people around the world, The Green Ace and many companies in the cannabis sector with their ounce deals are stepping up their games to gain benefits on the said industry.

But for those who are new to cannabis, let us have a brief discussion about cannabis.

What is Cannabis?

Marijuana or Cannabis has 4 major species, the cannabis indica, cannabis sativa, cannabis ruderalis, and hybrid cannabis strains

Cannabis, just like any plant, has natural and hybrid varieties, these are called cannabis strains. These include the species cannabis sativa, cannabis indica, cannabis ruderalis, and hybrid cannabis strains.

Each of these species has unique traits and qualities. Sativa for daytime use, indica for nighttime use, ruderalis which gives the two species unique traits, and the hybrid, which is can be grown to produce specific effects.

Cannabis Sativa- Energizer

Mostly found in a dry hot environment, this species of marijuana strive in environments like Africa and Southeast Asia. And now because of the worldwide cannabis industries, this species of marijuana was brought to the Western continent due to commercialized, widespread farming.

Since Sativa was recorded in history, it was mainly used as an industrial, food, medicinal, spiritual and recreational applications. And this plant is harvested differently depending on how it is used.

Cannabis sativa strains are famous for the “high” feeling, a stimulating, energizing effect that can help lessen stress or anxiety and increase focus and creativity.

The term “Sativa” implies the “things that are cultivated” and Carl Linnaeus was the first to classify the species in 1753.

Cannabis Indica – Sedating Relaxant

Indica, a yearly plant of the marijuana family. Cannabis sativa is an accepted species of cannabis. Mostly found in the Middle East, just like Sativa, because of world spread cultivation, it has reached other parts of the world.

Jean-Baptiste Lamarck produced the description of another species of marijuana, the cannabis indica in 1785.

The word “indica” means a conical, dense, short-branched cannabis and cannabis indica strain are suited in a harsh and variable environments 

The indica is popular for its extremely relaxing effects.

The Cannabis Ruderalis

skywalker og

Cannabis ruderalis or sometimes known as sativa subspecies or sativa variety spoentanea is low cannabinoid-producing marijuana. Mostly found in Russia, Central, and Eastern Europe.

The first to describe the cannabis ruderalis is the Russian botanist D. E. Janischewsky in 1924. The word “ruderalis” came from the Latin root word of “rūdus” which is “rūdera”, which means lump, rubble, or a rugged bit of bronze.

With age, cannabis transits from vegetative to flowering stage, contrary to the light cycle needed with photoperiod strains. It is bred with sativa and indica to produce auto-flowering marijuana strains.

Hybrid Cannabis Strains  

Hybrids cannabis strains are man-made marijuana strains produce by attempting to customize the marijuana plant with a particular characteristic that can be found in the indica, sativa and ruderalis strains.

 A successful hybrids cannabis strains inherit the top qualities of their parent strains and balanced hybrids usually have the 50/50 balance of sativa and indica strains

In short, hybrid cannabis strains are a combination of sativa, indica, and ruderalis strains.

 Because of the specific effects produced by hybrid cannabis strains, many consumers select their weed choice depending on their needs.

These go from recreational to specific symptoms experienced by the patients. offers the best ounce deals in Canada.

You can try these awesome products below

White Haze – Sativa Dominant Hybrid – AAA

white haze

White haze is the offspring of White Widow and Haze strains. This sativa-dominant is hybrid. These strains usually contain about 17% to 19% THC.

With this strain’s woody, earthy aroma, and piney taste, White Haze offers relief for pain, stress, migraines and helps with your anxiety and depression.

Bubba Kush – Indica – AAA

Bubba Kush’s parentage is said to from the Hindu Kush Mountains. This strain is a pure indica strain that is recommended for nighttime use.

With this strain’s woody, pungent aroma, and, spicy-sweet taste, Bubba Kush offers relief for pain, stress, migraines and helps with your ADHD/ADD, anxiety and depression.


Mataro Blue is a triple-cross of Blue Monster, Mazar/Sharif, and Black Domina. This pure indica strain is famous for its unique effects and distinguishable flavors.

 With this strain’s earthy, pungent aroma, and, spicy berry taste, Mataro Blue offers relief for pain, stress, insomnia and helps with your loss of appetite and depression.


This strain has no known parentage yet this strain’s dense buds are typical of indica strains. Consumers of this strain said that it can help greatly with various symptoms.

With this strain’s citrusy, lime aroma, and, lime sweet-spicy taste, MCGRUPP offers relief for stress, fatigue, and depression.


A hybrid strain commonly found in California. This strain is the offspring of Durban Poison and OG Kush and usually contain about 28% THC

 With this strain’s earthy, pungent aroma, and, sweet vanilla taste, GIRL’S SCOUT COOKIES offers relief for pain, muscle spasm, cramps and helps with your inflammation and insomnia.


A hybrid strain created by Cody Oebel, NukeHead’s owner and cultivator.

With this strain’s citrus, pungent aroma and, spicy-sweet berry taste, SUPER NUKE offers relief for pain, muscle spasm, cramps and helps with your inflammation and insomnia.


A hybrid, indica-dominant strain of No Sith Genetics. This strain is a triple cross of OG Kush, Mazar, and Blueberry.

 With this strain’s earthy, fruity pungent aroma, and, sweet and spicy piney taste, SKYWALKER OG offers relief for pain, muscle spasm, migraines, stress, and helps with your loss of appetite and insomnia.


A Canadian indica-dominant strain of Kish and GodBud.

With this strain’s earthy, pungent aroma, and, sweet herbal taste, NUKEN offers relief for stress, fatigue, and depression.


The Green Ace has one of the best ounce deals you can have. With their top-notch quality weeds at a cheaper price, surely you want to have one.

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