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hybrid cannabis strains

Cannabis or marijuana has four major species, namely,  Cannabis sativa, Cannabis indica, Cannabis ruderalis, and hybrid cannabis strains. Each of these species has unique traits and qualities. Sativa for energy, indica for relaxation, ruderalis which is often used for plant products such as fiber, and hybrids which can be grown to produce specific effects desired by the grower.

Marijuana or cannabis, just like any plant, has natural and hybrid varieties, these are called cannabis strains. These include the species Cannabis sativa, Cannabis indica, Cannabis ruderalis, and hybrid cannabis strains. As time goes by, these strains are continually mixed and remixed to meet the demand of the consumers.        

There are four major categories of marijuana, these are sativa, indica, ruderalis, and hybrid cannabis strains.

Energize your day with Cannabis sativa

Sativa, the yearly flowering-herb that can be found in dry hot climates like Southeast Asia and Africa, but now has reached the western hemisphere due to commercialized and widespread farming.

Throughout recorded history, Cannabis sativa has been used for industrial, food, medicinal, spiritual and recreational purposes. Depending on the purpose of its usage, the plant is harvested differently.

The term “sativa” implies the “things that are cultivated” and Carl Linnaeus was the first to classify the species in 1753.

Cannabis sativa strains are popular for their “high,” a stimulating, energizing result that can help lessen stress or anxiety and increase focus and creativity.

Below are the traits of the Cannabis sativa strain.

Plant Description: With finger-like leaves, cannabis sativa tends to be thin and tall and has the slowest maturation rate than other types of cannabis.

CBD to THC Ratio: Cannabis sativa tends to have high doses of THC and low doses of CBD.

Common effects of the strain: Usually create a “high,” stimulating and energizing effect.

Day or Nighttime: Because of increased creativity and focus, consumers prefer using it during the day.

Relaxation with Cannabis indica

Indica is a yearly plant of the marijuana family. Cannabis sativa is an accepted species of cannabis. Mostly found in the Middle East, however just like sativa, because of widespread cultivation, it has reached other parts of the world.

Jean-Baptiste Lamarck produced the description of a new species of marijuana, the Cannabis indica in 1785.

The word “indica” means a conical, dense, short-branched cannabis and Cannabis indica strains are suited in harsh and variable environments 

The indica is popular for its extremely relaxing effects.

Below are the traits of the Cannabis indica strain.

Plant Description: With stocky, short, bushy, and bulky green leaves, Cannabis indica tend to have a faster maturation rate than Cannabis sativa.

CBD to THC Ratio: Cannabis indica tend to have high doses of CBD and low doses of THC.

Common effects of the strain: This usually results in an extremely relaxing effect.

Day or Nighttime: Because of the increased relaxing effect, consumers prefer using it at night.

The Cannabis ruderalis

Cannabis ruderalis or sometimes known as sativa subspecies or sativa variety spoentanea is a low cannabinoid-producing marijuana. It is mostly found in Russia, Central, and Eastern Europe.

The first to describe Cannabis ruderalis is the Russian botanist D. E. Janischewsky in 1924. The word “ruderalis” came from the Latin root word of “rūdus” which is “rūdera”, which means lump, rubble, or a rugged bit of bronze.

With age, this cannabis strain transitions from vegetative to flowering stage, contrary to the light cycle needed with photoperiod strains. It is bred with sativa and indica varieties to produce self-flowering marijuana strains.

Plant Description: Described as small and bushy, not growing taller than 12 inches, Cannabis ruderalis is the fastest-growing cannabis which usually can be harvested in no more than a month after planting.

CBD to THC Ratio: Cannabis ruderalis tend to have high doses of CBD and low doses of THC. But, this is hardly enough to produce effects on recreational and medical consumers

Common effects of the strain: It is usually not used in medicinal or recreational purposes since its effects are usually negligible due to the small amounts of cannabinoids present.

Day or Nighttime: It can be used any time of the day because of its low potency.

Hybrid Cannabis Strains 

Hybrids cannabis strains are man-made marijuana strains produced by attempting to customize the marijuana plant with a particular characteristic that can be found in the indica, sativa, and ruderalis strains.

A successful cannabis hybrid strain inherits the top qualities of their parent strains, and balanced hybrids usually have the 50/50 ratio of sativa and indica strains.

In short, hybrid cannabis strains are a combination of sativa, indica, and ruderalis strains.

Plant Description: The appearance of a hybrid cannabis strain is dependent on the combination of the parent plant.

CBD to THC Ratio: Hybrid cannabis strains are selected by farmers because of their specified effects. So the ratio always varies with respect to its parent plant.

Common effects of the strain: It usually depends on the dominant effects of the strain.

Day or Nighttime: Depending on the hybrid cannabis strain of choice.

Because of the specific effects produced by hybrid cannabis strains, many consumers select their weed of choice depending on their needs.

These range from recreational to medicinal depending on the needs of the patients.

Below are some of the best hybrid strains you can try in Canada.

Hybrid cannabis strains in Canada for your needs

Manitoba Poison

Bred by Great White North with African varieties, Manitoba Poison is a 50/50 hybrid cannabis strain with heavy indica qualities that far exceeds its sativa counterpart. Manitoba Poison grows outdoors and can grow up to 4 feet tall in temperate northern climates

Sweet Tooth

The sweet tooth came from the combination of Landrace strain from Nepal, Hawaii, and Afghanistan and is bred by Barney’s Farm

In 2001, Sweet Tooth was awarded the 1st place at the High Time Cannabis Cup. Sweet Tooth is a hybrid cannabis strain with a sweet smell of flowers and berries in it.

This gives you a great uplifting, happy feeling, and it mostly helps with stress and anxiety with a medium cottonmouth backlash.


Chemo is a hybrid cannabis strain that originated in Canada way back in the 1970s to develop a treatment for the side effects of chemotherapy. Chemo’s top qualities are still carried by the Jordan of the Islands.

This gives you an extremely relaxed, sleepy feeling, that mostly helps with pain and insomnia with a medium-slight cottonmouth backlash.


As there are four species of marijuana, each has its qualities with new hybrid cannabis strains springing out yearly.

It is best to first identify each marijuana strain’s effects to fully utilize the plant.

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